The Sirens beckoned me...and I went....

I know I'm a very "young" knitter, and when I joined this group, I was all into loom knitting. I still enjoy it, and am working on a baby blanket for a friend's granddaughter.

HOWEVER, I kept seeing all these projects y'all are doing, and knowing deep down they would be difficult at best to translate to a loom. Soooo...I went to the store and bought a pair of needles on Saturday, and sat down last night, and did a couple of swatches in simple stitches, just to see how easily I could grasp the needle process.

Well....I'm SO hooked!!! (No pun intended! Okay...maybe!) I'm going to finish the blanket, and then move on to needle knitting...using the looms for some quick work, if I need to.

Thanks for having this site so that I can share the joy!



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Good to see you grow up. :-) Seriously, though, I am just glad that you are enjoying knitting and that has to be good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Loving it...thanks. It's very good. I just finished reading "Zen and the Art of Knitting" today at lunch. The last chapter has to do with her thoughts and experiences right after 9/11, which 10 years later, I found very profound, especially considering this is the week of 9/11.

If any of you haven't read it, it's an amazing book.

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Glad to hear you are expanding your craft knowledge! Welcome aboard!! Knit away!--David

Until we knit again...David

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Thanks, David!!! I'm planning on knitting anything I can get my hands on!!! :-)

Just wait until the lace knitters come calling. They have cookies.

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Ooohh...cookies. Dang. I knew there was a reason I started this hobby!

Sock elves have cookies, too---home-made ones.

As a knitter, you will undoubtedly collect many kinds and sizes of needles. Some you will love---some you will hate and some you will buy just because they are pretty.

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Ha...I will keep that in mind!!!

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I too would like to congratulate you on your move to needles. They are addictive fun, just remember to give the hands a break occasionally. As for the looms, make sure you keep them around for other projects. Even if it's just for the quick stuff. Sometimes quick stuff is therapeutic. That's why I do the baby hats for charity.

Good luck, and thanks for sharing your artistic development/growth/continuation with us. The teachers among us love it!


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Thanks, Q.

I hope to be able to provide many lessons for you teacher to use in the future!!! :-)


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Meanwhile, I started on needles and I'm looking at loom knitting to see if I can do anything different..... :-)

Cultivate both. There are some here who do great work on loom knitting.

Also, pace yourself so you can finish your projects. I want to learn crochet, but I know I have to finish the knit scarves I have planned or they will never get done. Same thing goes with nalbinding. Then there are several kinds of weaving, tatting if you want to get into lacy things... let's not even get into lace making (bobbin lace making, fine crochet, needle knitting [as in knitting with sewing needles]). I also remember being fascinated by a book on kumihimo, which is Japanese cord weaving.

Anyway... people have higher degrees in ethnic "fiber arts". I don't think anyone here knows what all is out there, and that is a truly wonderful thing. Rushing in head first is fun. Believe me. My first scarf was almost seven feet of bamboo stitch knitting because the stitch looks cool. (That made any "slip over" instructions a lot less intimidating.) I then dove into two yarn-balls of Tunisian knit stitch. (Still working on that.) However, slow down regularly. Take time to learn a bit of depth, savor the knowledge, enjoy the work, appreciate the skill, and get the satisfaction of a few jobs done.

Then go looking at pictures of Estonian lace at 1AM, and come to the realization that you're planning to buy the yarn that weekend. After all, lace has cookies.


BrentGC's picture head is spinning with all the possibilities!!! :-)

I do plan to keep on working with looms, but I am ready to dive into needle work. Looms can make quick work of some patterns and for projects like scarves or hats or simple blankets, it's a great tool, especially if you want to do it quickly.

And I'm with you on slowing down. I know I sped through the first few things I did, because I couldn't wait to get to the next project and try something new. I'm almost finished with the baby blanket I'm "looming," and can't decide which direction to go next. I think I'm going to do as you suggested, learning the depth and savoring the knowledge.

Thanks for the encouraging words.


P.S. I loooove cookies.

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Always good to expand your horizons Brent. Looms are excellent for some things, needles for others. Use the best tool for the job. I'm making socks with double-pointed needles right now, but many people swear by circulars for this. I'm doing cuff down, others do toe up. Some do two at a time. Whatever works for you. I was just reading "Knitting Rules" by the Yarn Harlot, and she has an excellent graphic that reminds us, "There are no knitting police." Some people think there are, but there aren't. That's encouraging.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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I'll have to check out that book. And I love the thought..."There are no knitting police." That's encouraging!

I love expanding my horizons....


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Good For You,
It is a great adventure for you. I have loved it every since I started. There is always a new pattern or challange to try. If you need help you know who to call.


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Thanks, Dennis! I've found one of my weaknesses is all of the patterns out there. I've bought more books in bookstores, and patterns online within the past couple of months. Of course, I also tend to be a book slut. I'd sometimes rather read than eat...and now it's knitting!

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Hooray!! We hooked one more!

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YEAH!!!! :-)

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Knitting helps me retain my sanity.

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Very true! I'm finding that out...some days!