I have decided to try writing a knitting blog.

Here is the address if you are interested:


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Totally knitting up the bath mat. Great idea - thanks!

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adding it to my google reader! :)


totally awesome blog...added to my google reader...and my tags for Christmas gifts to make...btw, your dishtowel pattern would make an incredible scarf....if you narrow it up a bit...many thanks for the heads up :-)

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Actually, today I saw a triangular poncho at work with a very similar design and selvedge.

I actually tried it as a scarf, but made a mistake on the instructions and did a bad job entirely my fault). I intend to re-do it, though, and with a subtly variegated yarn.

One small request, though, Lee. Could you make PDF files of the instructions? They are more portable and easier to make printer friendly. PDF Creator is free and stable, but I would recommend disabling the toolbars. (McAfee actually doesn't like it.)


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Definitely great blog! Loved the ideas, would make great Christmas gifts, etc, AND to use around the house. Thanks!!!


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Great start and good on you for making doing it. I've bookmarked it and will visit regularly. Best wishes with it!

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