Starting to think about Christmas!

I'm hoping it's not already too late, but I'm considering giving everyone on my Christmas List a hat knitted by me. I have ten people on my list and they could all receive the same hat or I could challenge myself and make ten different hats. I don't want any fights on Christmas morning on who got the better hat.

Does anyone have a good hat pattern that seems to please the most people (they're all in relatively cold climates). Or even a hat book. I've started perusing Ravelry.


As ELIZBETH ZIMMERMAN said, people will put anything on their heads. Her triangular tam is a good hat and capable of variations----and her Maltese Fishermans hat is a real goodie(strange directions, but it makes sense when you start knitting it) There are a lot of hat patterns out there, so have fun with them and Christmans will be Bright----and Warm.

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Hats are a great idea for gifts, I give them all the time and they are much appreciated and worn. This is my favorite hat book ever.

Most if them are knit in bulky wt yarn and knit up really fast. I found the instructions really easy although there is quite a bit of erata in my edition so if you get it do a search for "errata Hip Knit Hats" and you can print the list and retain your sanity.

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You can knit all the hats the same. Boring for you, but unfortunately, most non-knitters can't tell the hats are all the same if you use different colours. A simple ribbed hat is probably the simplest, and it fits most people because of the stretch. You can use a 3/3 rib with very good results. Using a thicker yarn, of good quality please!, and it would knit up quickly. The cost is minimal if you use wool or alpaca or silk or blends of any of these. You can easily do one a night. Cast on a multiple of 6, and away you go! Lots of patterns on that ravel place: Painted Forest Hat is a good one for a beginner. And you will no doubt venture out on your own after you've knit 2 of these hats -- they are BORING to do, but well appreciated, and that's all you really want. You can also make matching scarves, but that is far too mind-numbing if it was all in rib!

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I love to make hats on a knitting loom. Quick and easy, makes nice hats. I prefer the purple one that's specially made for hats, but the green one makes a good hat too. They're just simple ribbed hats but appreciated. I dipped one in hot water then put it in the dryer, and it fulled pretty nicely. Looks like it has been to sea with some intrepid fisherman or something. Cascade 220 yarn, comes in lots of nice colors. Get the superwash if you don't want it to full like man.

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I'm a huge fan of Jared Flood's (Brooklyn Tweed) Koolhaas Hat. It's different, but not terribly difficult; works with all kinds of yarns; and looks good on both men and women - it (like all his patterns, in my opinion) is a cool-but-classic look suitable for lots of different people in lots of different settings.

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Vicky Square's Folk Hats - 32 Knitting Patterns & Tales From Around The World is my personal fav.

If ever you wanted to honor that person who loves Thai food, needs a fantasy team baseball cap, requires a Renaissance Beret for renaissance thinking, or is a dancer who wants for Japanese dance gear...all demanding warmth and succor about the head...get her book.

Or knit a bunch of watch caps in purty culurs.

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