Site Upgrade

Greetings everyone!

Most of the site has been upgraded. I'm aware of some issues, but I encourage y'all to use the site normally and report back any problems by replying to this post.

Thanks for being patient while I work the kinks out!


Well, Darrel:
You have WAAAAAAY more hair on your chest than I do. This is a pretty complicated site/forum and I wish you all the luck.

I miss some of the "nice graphic touches" that we had with the other site but I suppose: a.) they'll be re-introduced, or: b.) we'll learn to get along without them.

Whatever the case, it's the forum/intercourse that's important.

Good Luck and thanks for managing this site. It's internationally recognized and well regarded within the knitting/fibre community.

Alles Beste,
~Mike in Tampa (who has no Idea what this gibberish is beneath this signature . . .)

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Thanks for the good words! It wasn't my intention to revert back to this theme, but there were some incompatibilities with the old theme and the new version of the software. I wanted to keep the site as operational as possible while working on things.


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i dunno, i'm kinda into the starkness of it all. course we're doing minimalism in school, so that's where i'm at right now.

Might feel different if we were in the Arts & Crafts period.

actually, i am always just impressed you can keep this thing going. I've always been afraid to take that jump from static to dynamic web design.


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I kinda agree with Mike. I too miss the pics of people when I log on. The familiar freindly fact thing I guess. Now I will have to visit the members profile to see if they indeed have changed the look. And Mike changes his a lot!

Overall, I can get used to it and the layout looks great!

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I'd like the pics back, too. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to stick with this theme. There's a similar one coded in a way I'm more familiar with, so I might switch to that and start re-customizing things from there. So far, I haven't been focusing too much on the look & feel, but that's about to change. Stay tuned!

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I miss the faces/pix - but it downloads a lot faster without them!!!!

I could use a bit "softer" background then the stark white - tough on older eyes.

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Hey Darrel,

I love the new clean feel to the site, but I too miss the pictures of each person next to their posts....I burned out most of my short term memory smokin' the good green that God made for us....and seeing a picture helps keep every one fresh in my mind (screen names are hard to remember who everyone is) there are some very cute knittin' boys on this site... :o)

Thanks for all of your hard work...This is truly a great resource and community for us guys who have caught the knitting bug...

Take care.. - Dan -

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How do we find projects completed by members/users?

I used to look under the section Images, then under the specific heading. But I no longer see that section.

Also, will we again have the Members section. It was a great place to look up members.

By the way, I think the new format looks great. I like the clean, stark look.

- Tom

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On the top navigation menu, there is now a link called "gallery" that goes to all the photos.

I have noticed that some images seem to have lost their resized versions and occasionally display at their full resolution which distorts the layout. I'm still in search of a graceful way to fix that.

As for the members section, the module that enabled that functionality has not yet been upgraded to be compatible with the new version of the software which runs the site. I did see a code patch this morning, so I'm going to attempt to get that working.

In the meantime, I've created a temporary link that lists out the information in a less attractive format in the spirit of something being better than nothing.

Thanks to you and everyone else for all the feedback!

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Hi Darrel. Thanks for keeping this site updated! I am having one small problem. But this started before you changed the look of the site. My inbox tells me that I have a new message. I even got an email notification. But I don't see it when I open my inbox. Thought you would like to know.

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I've seen a couple of errors in the log about privatemsg.js not being found, but I can't reproduce it. Those could be related to browser caching issues, I suppose, but it still strikes me as odd.

I'm going to poke around in the database and see if anything might've gone wrong during the upgrade. In the meantime, I'll send you another private message and see if that jumpstarts anything!

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Blinded by the white! Or am I just not finding an option for themes?

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I've changed the default background for the "Chameleon" theme to not be true white (#FFFFFF) but instead be a snow white (#FFFAFA). Any better?

I also added a couple of other themes.

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thanks, Darrel! it seems a very slight difference, but it made a huge change in readability for me.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I play a character who does.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Excellent! Contrast is everything :)

Hey Darrel,
Thanks for all that you do to make this a fantastic site.
Any news from gmail about adding the logo to our menwhoknit email addresses yet? sorry to burden you with an extra chore.
Knit away, knit away

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