need tips on felting

I must be doing someting wrong. Felted purses seem to do ok. When I felted my first pair of clogs, they were wrinkly, didnt' felt up nice and smooth at all like the pictures you guys have on here. I have a front loader. I'm just not happy with how it felts. I'm gonna have to find a top loader, take things out often, stretch, etc. I usually felt with jeans and tennis shoes. Any other tips on how to felt the clogs? I'm a very loose knitter. I know that's kinda strange for a newbie, but I'm very loose. I dont' know if thats good or bad. I am also a continental knitter. I think that's one reason I'm so loose. Any tips or pointers would be appreciated.


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I've only felted one thing in my front loader - and that felted perfectly - so I don't have any suggestions.

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The first time I felted in my front loader it took 45 minutes and I wasn't satisfied.
First make sure you start out with a yarn that you know through others that it felts.
Second make sure that there is hot water to the machine, I usually run water in several sinks to make sure its hot, a front loader doesn't use enough water to make it really hot. Lastly, I used fabric softner(someone told me this secret) and tide powder he in the wash, washed it drained it and started over. I put several pairs of pants in with it, washed until it was felted enough and then rinsed it in the sink. I put a small hand towel in the clog to shape it and let it dry. Hope this helps.Steve


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felting needs soap and hot water to open the scales of the wool... agitation to intermingle the scales...
...and the shock of temperature change ( cold water) to felt...

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I haven't ever felted anything but am researching it and found what I think are great tips from -- maybe they'll help.