My first posted project

I've attached my first real project. This is a baby blanket I've made for the expected granddaughter of a friend of ours. It was done on a Knifty Knitter loom (41 pegs) and took me about a month to do. It's done in garter stitch in three strips, and an I-cord, and then sown together. I finally got everything sown together after midnight last night!

The colors were suggested by the grandmother (our friend), and I love the combination.

My next project is on ACTUAL needles! It's a baby kimono I found online, a very simple design that should be a good one for my first needle project. I may or may not pass it on to the baby, depending on how it turns out.

Thanks for all of your support and knowledge and experience. Every day is a learning experience when I log onto the site.


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I absolutely love the way it looks. The colors and pattern work well together and I am sure that it will be well loved.

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Very nice!
I really like the composition. I have a blanket crocheted by an aunt in what looks like the same colors.

And, unless the kimono comes out a "three armed sweater", gift it! The time put in by friends and family is far more treasured than perfection.

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Very nice!

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That is a very nice combination of colors and design. Keep up the good work!

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Good composition and colours.

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beautiful blanket

I like this blanket !!!!!

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Thanks guys!!! Your support is encouraging!!


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A job well done, Brent! Great job. I love how the I-Cord edge looks. I don't know how it works on your loom but using knitting needs, it is sloooooow. But, well worth it of how great it looks.