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Well what a summer this had been. If you own a convertible there is one thing you don’t want to happen, be sick from a severe allergy attack all summer long. It all started in mid June and I am just now getting over it, still cough a little, have itchy dry eyes, but at least I have full use of my voice once again.
All summer I have tried to take time out to do things I wanted to, other than sleep and pop in a bunch of pills.

I have done so much to try to make a lot of time for knitting but have fallen so short. I have, however, been able to get one item completed, the WestKnits Earth & Sky. I really enjoyed this pattern. This pattern was a lot of firsts for me, first intarsia, first KAL, first WestKnits, first M1’s and YO. In July I was on Ravelry and read about the upcoming KAL to my partner. He was much more excited about it then I was and said that he wanted me to do it and make it for him. I was still sick and sleeping about 14 hours a day. But I bought the pattern anyway and ordered the yarn a few days later. When I look at it I see the mistakes that I made while learning to do the stitches, they stare at me as if they were outlined in neon lights! I like it and would prefer to have kept it for myself but the partner had told everyone that it was for him and shown it off to his friends and co-workers so I will just have to make my own, after all I have the yarn already.

I say that I could have had more completed but I was left home alone to take care of the dogs a little more than expected. My partner had to go to Florida, on business, for a week to meet with a boat manufacturer and dealers, then he had to go to a GE Global GLBTA (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Allies) meeting in Milwaukee for a few days. Oh well, life still carried on.
Hey what can I say, everyone needs to have an excuse!
But what a perfect time of year coming, fall and winter, ripe for knitting!

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That is one gorgeous piece of knitting----and in my favorite colors. Sorry to hear about your massive allergy problems. From early childhood to about age 35, I spent every summer hacking and snotting around and taking massive amounts of allergy medicine. Then, my allergies started to abate and gradually disappeared. By age 45, i was able to get through most of the summer with just otc allergy pills. After age 60, I have had almost no problems--only an occasional snuffle. I hope that you, too, will outgrow this crap.!!!

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Thanks, I love the colors too. Last year was the first I really had problems with allergies but this year was worse. I'm 31 now and I sure don't want this much longer. I am going to look at getting shots come spring, I really want to spend the summer in my Mustang convertible, not in bed! heehee...

I underwent the shot treatment when I was in my late teens-early twenties----that was in the 1960s. Can't say they did a great deal of good, but they did no harm. I am willing to wager that the modern shot treatment is a whole bunch better than my 60's version. GO FOR IT. Knit 2, Purl 2, sneeze 6 is NOT the best pattern!!!!

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I have a co-worker who had the shots last year, she said it was nothing at all, just go in and get the shot in the arm once a week and your done. I hope that's all it would be, sneeze 6 is not part of the patterns I want to see. LOL!

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I THOUGHT that was a Mustang convertible in your garage. I'm sooo jealous! :-) Hope you get to enjoy it soon!!!

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It is, I have a 2007 Mustang (candy apple and black)! It's getting cold out here, hadn't had it out of the garage in a couple weeks, almost time for it to go back into storage. =(

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My aunt (by marriage) has/had a '65 candy apple red Mustang with a black top when I was little. I remember riding in it...and fell in love! With the car, that is!

Hopefully you'll get to enjoy your car a little longer.


Year 1969, I met my Lover and he had a red Mustang with a black top and interior----I, too, fell in love and I also liked the car. Several Fords later, I still have the same Lover. Now and then, I still wax nostalgic about the red Mustang.

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Definitely a beautiful piece of work!!! Gorgeous!


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I absolutely love the colors you chose for the KAL. It turned out beautifully. I ordered the pattern but have been so busy designing, I was unable to do the KAL. Oh well, just another project for me for the fall.

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Thanks, it was a pretty easy knit once I got the hang of everything.

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Lovely pattern and choice of colour. Truly beautiful piece of work. Get better soon

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Quite nice. Sorry to hear of the allergies. Mine are just now starting, thanks to the flora dying off. I'm in hopes of a mild case this year but can never really predict.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I have resisted for years but you've just about inspired me to work in polychorme. Nice job!