My First Cloth

I started this cloth in June and delivered it on Sept 25..... It fits the table, and they like it!! I'm very happy about that because you know it could well be "not quite our thing." I stole the middle part of the pattern from "Azalea" by Marianne Kinzel, and made up the rest as I went along. Now I'm going to start one of the Niebling designs.... wish me luck.

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"and they like it!" Was there really any question about them liking it? It's amazing!!!

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Seriously!!! If they didn't like it they shouldn't be allowed to live because their souls are already dead. That is absolutley one of the most gorgeous knitted pieces I've ever seen! Not too fussy, lovely composition, rich with texture - I can't say enough good things about it. It makes me weak in the knees.

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What a beautiful cloth. And what an accomplishment.

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I am in awe. I have one of his collections that I look at and sigh. Perhaps, I too, will make something so intricate and functional and beautiful.


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Don't feel too bad, Mark. Your sweaters are quite fantastic. Each of us has his own niche. But don't be afraid to try something you reminded me once.

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I am so impressed---this is truly a Magnum Opus!!!! And I stand amazed that you accomplished in such a shor space of time. I think you have earned your Knitting Masters degree!!!!!

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If you could wing it and produce that....I don't think you will have any problems with Neibling.

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Absolutely amazing!!! Great job.

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Very nice knitting. I once designed a table piece for a isn't as easy as you make it seem. Good work.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful cloth you've made Mark. There are some lovely patterns in the Kinzel books.

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Makes my attempt at scarves look like I'm in Grade 1 of Knitting School

Beautiful work mate

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Hey thanks guys for all the nice comments... I was going to finish a sweater before starting my next lace obsession, but you've convinced me to start one of the Niebling designs when I get home from work tonight! Thanks again for the encouragement.