Machine Knitting..

Love seeing all your great projects and reading the lively anecdotes.

I was wondering if any of you are interested in machine knitting or if this is even the right forum? I've seen a couple of posts on the subject and am sort of surprised that more guys don't seem that intrigued. I mean really: needles? MACHINE? Come on!

Just kidding, of course. I knat (needle knitted?) more than my share of afghans and sweaters in college. My roomie and I had the whole dorm goin' at it. (Anything but study...) and it was great fun. My parents couldn't understand why so many bills from wool shops in Ann Arbor.. until they got their Christmas presents!

Anyhow, I've just bought 2 Bonds and a Silver Reed (Studio) LK-150. They're really just hobby machines compared with the big boys. Still, I'm wowed by how fast they go (a scarf a night) and how many different techniques they can handle. There're videos all over YouTube explaining how they work though both have well-written, illustrated manuals and DVD's. Here's a great website which compares some of the available machines: and another with a lot of manuals:

A bit intimidating? More expensive? Sure, but worth it in productivity, tension problems solved (the machine's anyways) and after all... if the ladies can do it.... Oh. Right. I'm supposed to show you something I made? Just wait!

Any thoughts?


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Of course it's the right forum. It involves wool, forming it into a textile and you have all the plumbing and Y chromosomal requirements. That would be everything necessary for this forum.

As for interest, I am certain there are others here who will catch; if they haven't already, the mechanized knitting bug. Myself? Not yet. Not saying it won't. But the tactile act of hand knitting does it for me. Well, does something anyway. It does NOT effect my male plumbing. But theres something about me and the needles and a bit of yarn creating a piece of wearable art that I love doing. I think mainly its just the putting somehing of me into something for someone. My vision, my effort creating the vision... Thats why i love hand knitting

Obviously you have things that attract you to knitting. Machine or otherwise. As do the others here. Here's hoping you find others wih the interest and that your joy and interest attracts more to your passion.

Thanks for the informative links too.

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I'm very new to knitting myself, and discovered my love for knitting by buying a set of round looms. I'm now on my first needle project, a baby kimono, and I believe I'm a bit like Q. I love the tactile feel of hand knitting, the feel of the yarn, and the needles.

I don't think there's a "wrong" way to approach knitting. Needles, looms, machines, whatever, as long as you enjoy what you're doing.


If machine knitting works for you, go for it. There are knitting snobs who look down on machine knitters, but you don't have to pay them any mind. Do it your way and be happy!

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Shhhhhhhh! Not so loud!

The knitting police may hear!

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Knitting is knitting whether done with pointy sticks, on knitting looms, or on a knitting machine (or frame). The end result is the same -- fabric.

I have to admit (ashamedly) that I have a knitting machine; I have not used it for several years. That is because it is packed away over there, and I can't get to it easily. I do think of it often.

I do have to say, faced with the prospect of knitting an entire back of a sweater in stocking stitch would drive me bananas. For THAT reason, I can justify using a machine to do the boring work. That said, I don't think I can get the same tension with needles, so would end up doing the WHOLE sweater on the machine. I also have to say that a machine will NOT do some stitches you may want to do. For example, a machine has a most difficult time doing garter stitch. Some machines will do lace nicely, will do intarsia, needs a bit of help with cables, but the simple garter stitch is a puzzle for it. But it does stocking stitch with ease, and much more evenly than I can. Faster too! So it has its place in the knitting world.

Still, there is something to be said for having that yarn sliding through your fingers, and creating each and every stitch with just two pointed sticks, in any configuration you can dream up. A machine just can't do that for you.

Do you knit for the finished item, or for the process?

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I confess I have a knitting machine. I have used it, and I'm planning to do so again. Mine is a real hobby version compared to yours. It's called the Ultimate Sweater Machine. Does stockinette very quickly, though I do have trouble with it binding up once in a while. The book claims it does cables and such too, but it's a lot more work. I think it would be easier by hand for anything else. I'm planning to do a sweater on it as a Christmas present.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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I think if it helps you get to your end result and time is of the essence, go for it! I personally hate knitting socks but I love knitted socks so I bought an antique circular sock machine. I could have knit 100 pairs of socks in the time it took me to master it, but now I can crank out a pair of socks in about 2 hours and that was the goal! When you have FO's from the machine, please post them!