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I am currently working on a jumper for which I intend to steek the arm holes. I would appreciate hearing from any members of MWK who have done armhole steeks. My question is: how many stitches did you allow for the sleeve hole? The reference sources I can find give a range from 1 to 6 stitches.

Any assistance will be appreciated.


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it's flexible...depends partly on need a clear stitch to machine sew... so maybe two stitches is enough per side...
Zimmerman sews down each side of one row!

I'm doing a sweater right now...and have allowed four stitches...two per edge...

Back in old country, vee do steeks disavay:

2-3 yo's across in the pit area each row as you wind your way around the torso and up to the neck. Then, you come back, pick up the perimeter 'live' stitches around the armhole and knit down to the cuff. When both arms are done, turn inside out, take deep breath and a belt of scotch, cut the steeks up the middle, wet in warm water, felt by rubbing the cut steek ends with your fingers, then wash the rest of the sweater to 'full' the garment and complete the steek felting.

If you increase your yo'ed steeks to 3-4 or 5 yo's, then you can just go ahead and wash as usual. The steeks will felt somewhat and they're long enough so that they won't unravel, but the sweat from your pits will finish the job as you wear the sweater. Of course, the sweat along with the North Sea spray and attendant fish guts & slime REALLY got the job done in a short amount of time, but my guess is that you don't trawl for a living off Iceland.

That's de vay vee did it, ja shoower !

~Mike in Tampa (who reminds you that this ONLY works with WOOL. Otherwise, get out the Singer.)

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~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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how many stitches for the sleeve hole? a range from 1 to 6 stitches?
Yup, that is what I would say too. Seems about right.

So it all depends. If you are really stingy, 1 will do, a bit of a spendthrift, then 6. I prefer an odd number myself.

Yes, when you are done, you will cut down along the centre stitch. You can drop that stitch all the way down to mark the road for you, and just cut. No, it won't ravel!! You MAY machine sew, or hand sew, on either side of that stitch, just to put your mind at ease, but it's not necessary. Cut, fold back, stitching down is optional, pickup for any bands, or for the sleeves and neck, and away you go! You can then neatly cover that cut edge with a neat blanket stitch. If you had a wide steek, then you will have to cut off excess ends (told ya); I prefer to fold over a hem and catch the ends inside as I pickup for the bands. This will depend on the thickness of your fabric, of course.
(btw, Lucy Neatby has an excellent DVD tutorial on doing steeks, showing the WHOLE thing:

It's just that easy!