Baby Blanket Yarn & Pattern

I am planning on making a baby blanket for a friend of mine. I have found some patterns, everything from a washcloth-type pattern to some so complicated that I can't begin to understand them. I am looking for something that would be considered middle of the road, probably a pattern without a lot of lacy holes in it. Baby fingers and lace aren't a good match.

I have found so many yarns that say they are baby soft that now I'm a bit confused. I am looking for something washable and still very soft. What have you guys used?

Thanks for any information you can offer.



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How about Domino-knitting with variegated yarn? It's easy, only few stitches at a time and the yarn gives variation as if you use a lot of different colour yarns. Finally there is only few ends to sew into the blanket.
Best wishes from a very sunny Denmark

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Hi Mark,

I had some brief contact with a volunteer group of knitters for newborns-in-need at a local hospital. They required that all blankets be made from acrylic. My guess is that it had to do with the blankets needing to be hypo-allergenic. And acrylic is, of course, very washable as well as being hypo-allergenic. Anyway there are some acrylic yarns out there that are made specifically for babies. VERY soft. You can find them at your local big box yarn store.

As far as the pattern goes, it could be anything you like. (I think you're right about lace not being appropriate though. I've never really had any experience with babies but I would guess that a solid, non-penetrable fabric would be preferred.) That scarf you made recently would make a great baby blanket, as would the afghan you made. (You'd obviously have to change the shape and size of them but I think either pattern would work beautifully.) Or just make up something new like you did with the scarf.

All the best with it, Tom

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Hey Mark,
If you're on Ravelry, this is a good pattern to check out:

It's not difficult, but it's varied enough to keep your interest. It's got some simple, limited eyelet rows, not enough to be considered lacy (or hazardous:) I've got one going about half way through (waiting til I really need it), and it knits up nice and soft with Caron Simply Soft.

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Thanks for the reply the chevron blanket looks like fun. I'll have to print it out and study it for a bit. Does it all knit together or do you make it in panels? I'd love to see what you have made. My email is and Instant Messenger as well if you ever want to chat live.

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I just made a baby blanket for my cousin's new baby. I used a washcloth pattern for a Rubber Ducky. Did 4 rows of 4 blocks that alternated between the duck pattern and reverse stockinette with a seed stitch border. It came out very cute.

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Simply Soft Caron is a nice choice and so is baby sport pompadour yarns. I use the PI Shawl from Elizabeth Zimmermann for baby afghans as it knits up fast and you don't have to put lace into it unless you wish. I often do the outermost ring in lace. For the border, I use a simple lace edging or else a sideways knit garter stitch border that she includes in the pattern. With size 9 needles and baby sport, I can get one knit within a week or so. [Faster, if necessary - thanks to marathon sessions to Queen CDs.] Oh, BTW, I don't go into the 576 stitch section very often for the bigger sized afghan unless I want it quite large. I normally do the increase round to reach the stitch count and then work the border over those stitches. Conversely, I have done a round of YO, K2t around after reaching the size I want and use the 288 sts to finish the border, especially if it is a stretchy lace pattern although the sideways garter one lies fairly flat.

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What you want for a blanket would be a simple smooth fabric, and probably garter stitch is best so that it would be reverible. But that is SOOOO boring to do, so you can break it up into blocks of stocking and reverse stocking stitch, such as the basket weave design. That is boring too, so you can make blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes. Or do a kind of chevron design using knit and purl stitches.

Okay, that is boring too. You can use colour to make it more interesting, by using stripes, or using a variegated and patterned yarn. That is risky since you need to choose a fairly neutral colour pattern so it "goes" with many other things.

Well, just face it: no matter what you do, knitting a blanket is going to be boring and tedious to do. (didn't you learn that with the afghan?) So just take your time. Be sure to have some "FUN" knitting to break up these episodes of mindless knitting. This is where a knitting machine would come in handy! Do a plain centre, put on a pretty or lace border, and you are done.

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Thanks Tallguy. Whether the knitting is super simple or a bit more aggressively crafted, it's still just knitting and purling. I actually find a completely garter stitch patten a great think to work on while watching television. It becomes mindless, but to me, it never gets boring. I found a beautiful bright yellow soft bulky yarn specific to baby blankets and coats. I'm toying with the idea of just making the blanket using the standard washcloth pattern, but still looking.

The afghan that you mention is getting closer and closer to the end. I have 9 skeins down and 6.5 more to go, or until I end up at a good stopping row. I am very proud of it. It's also very comfy now with weather cooling down here in Chicago. My wife likes a cooler house, so I just get wrapped up in my work, literally, and stay nice and cozy. When I get the current page I am knitting finished, I am going to post a picture. It's about 43" x 48" just now. I am hoping to make it 43" x 60", so I am getting there. In the meantime, I have made my scarf with my own design and the same design is being worked into a beautiful scarf for my son. I really have to get that done before he'll need it by the end of the month.

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No doubt, Mark, whatever you choose to knit up will turn out great.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

I have used Feather And Fan pattern for three baby blankets. Fun and easy to knit and not overly lacy---even works well knitting all rows.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I found a site with the pattern and some photos. It really is simple and very impressive...we all like to look better than we really are! LOL I may just give this one a go.

Here is the pattern site.
Feather and Fan


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Hi Mark,
I love doing baby afghans. I just finally completed a log cabin pattern. Super simple and I also have a book that I got from my LYS that is Quick and Simple afghans. You use a double strand and size 15 needles. Working up very quickly. The booklet is from Leisue Arts, not sure of the number. I am using yarn from walmart in the 16oz. skein. It is acrylic and should be great for washing. I hope this helps.


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Hi Dennis,
I'll give it a look if I can find it. Thanks!