Lazy Sunday Morning's

I decided to break up the Sunday morning relaxing with a bit of blogging. I typically brew myself a pot of teas as Bob walks the dogs over for a paper and relax in my chair knitting on Sunday morning's. It's to pay myself back for the typical Saturday morning of cooking and scrubbing.

This morning's project is a continuation of the Christmas Socks.

This is the third set of eight I have to get done. I finally broke down on this set and converted them to two at a time. One of my biggest issues with socks is getting them to match. This way I know I'll have to identical socks, barring any major stupidity on my part. We can always hope.

My biggest problem with the two at a time method is that I always have to remind myself that it is exactly that. TWO AT A TIME. I feel like my progress is so much slower when 2 hrs later I only have an inch and a half more of sock. Then I think, no, and inch and a half more on two socks, which means really I've had 3 inches worth of progress. I know, it's truly ridiculous to feel like it's a race, but as Bob has made plans to take his parents up to see his sister and her husband that we won't see at Christmas due to them normally being snowed into their remote ranch, I need to get theirs done so they can go with him. I guess I'm always in a race with the clock no matter what.

Hope you all have a great laze Sunday.


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Great socks, Q. I bow to your wisdom of going for 2 at a time....something I've yet to tackle, whether on circulars or 2 set of dpns. Only a matter of time; just like toe-ups.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

scottly's picture

Oooo! Great color - that green is nice.

I have yet to try socks on a circular needle---keep reading the directions and find myself growing flummoxed and dismayed. Mayhap I am too stuck on dpns. ANYWAY, those are good looking socks and I would be proud to wear them.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Circulars won't take the place of my dpns, overall. However, since I knit socks with 5 needles, it wasn't too hard for me to switch to either 2 circulars or the Magic Loop. However, what made it easier for me was setting up the stitches as if on 4 needles - half and half - rather than doing "top" and "bottom" sections. Much less confusing, especially with my mild dyslexia. Even when I do heel flaps on the first half [versus first and last quarters] I shift the beginning of the round to the center of the heel when working the gussets and rest of the foot.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.