What, am I nuts?!

As usual, I've taken on more than I can chew....
I decided on the "Lyra" and began it as a half-circle, only to discover that I can't figure out a place in the pattern to split it in order that the shawl would come out somewhat symmetrical. Argh!

So, I'm thinkin I'm gonna start it as a full circle and once I've gotten my brain around the pattern see if I can't find somewhere to split it.... We'll see...

Hey all-
Well, I'm thinking I'm going to attempt a Niebling shawl. I've narrowed it down to 2 that I'm really tempted to take on, "Lyra" or "Lotus Blossom..."

So here's the question... I only want to do a half-circle version, and they are both full rounds. In the Niebling book I have now, every single pattern has a "resting" row alternating with working rows (that I could use as a return (wrong side) row working in the flat). I'm wondering if any of you may have either of these patterns that I could get an answer without buying the chart. It just kills me to spend the $$$ on a pattern without knowing if it's gonna work. Any help would be most appreciated!

Thank you!


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I knitted the Niebling "Lotus Blossom". I finished it maybe two years ago, bound it off the circular needle and have never blocked it because I haven't figured out yet how to block it to give me the perfect curved edges that the pattern yields and that I want. So it sits ... I think it will truly be lovely if I ever block it.

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Tom what a shame about not being able to block it after all that hard work.

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Check out "theraineysisters" by Google(ing)... Lotus Blossom Neibling....(scroll to bottom of their page, where you will find blocking in progress.....

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They are both beautiful designs, but I would only want to do a half circle also. MMario once said it could be done so he may be the person to ask, here or on Ravelry.

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Lots of luck with this project. I haven't any guess as to how you could work it out but, if it turns out as great as your other demi-lunate designs, it will be a knockout!

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