Slip Stitch Projects

Some of the completed projects. See what the slip stitch technique can produce.

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Those are amazing!

MWK needs a patterns section....

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Impressive work!! Great job!


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Beautiful work.

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Those are a great showing of your research into slipped stitches. Congratulations.

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What an interesting collection of sweaters.

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I've never seen anything like this. Any pointers on where to learn this technique?

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I'll put in my 25 cents here and say that Barbara Walker has a couple of books about this technique. Mosaic Knitting is all about it and there are sections covering it in the Knitting Treasuries and Knitting from the Top Down.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I really like the 014 pattern, where did you find this pattern?

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I'll have to translate the pattern stitch as it is in Dutch. It is a variation on the slip stitch/fisherman's rib principle.

The colours are produced by a varigated marino wool version and just happens to work out the way it did.


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These really are wonderful. All I have done in slip stitch are hats!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done

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MMMM....I love all that colour work. Super job!

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Thanks for the flowers. It is back to lace now. I'love your work and the stories that come with it. Love the poodle story/experiences. I have always been a dobermann man, but the one without the docked tail and snipped ears. The last one was called Steed, you probably remember the avengers (Steed & Purdey). So my other dog was of course called Purdey. Have a good weekend.