I am looking for some easy slippers (that look nice)

Guys I am looking for easy winter wear slippers for here in Alabama. Do any one have an easy but good looking pattern? Would appreciate your input. Thanks.


This link is from a search I did for "mens slippers" on the patterns section of Ravelry.com. Maybe it can give you some ideas.


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I’ve been knitting these slippers for over 35 years. They are a quick knit, very stretchy, warm, and comfortable, and can be customized in several ways:


This was one of the first items I ever knitted, when I was about 11. You use a double strand of worsted weight wool and only have one small seam to sew up at the top and one at the heel end.

If you don’t care for those here is a link with 49 free patterns for slippers:


Whatever you choose, have fun!

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Thank you so nuch! Just what I was looking for. Thanks again.

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Wow, thank you for posting this link for Aunt Maggies Slippers! I first saw this pattern in "Workbasket Magazine" from the 1960's that a dear neighbor lady gave to me. I was in Junior High School. I would knit these slippers for the elderly neighbors who went to the hospital in my neighborhood! What a wonderful recommendation and a retrival of forgotten times for me!!


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The slippers Brian has are quite nice. I think you won't go wrong with them. Barbara Walker has a similar pattern that doesn't have ribbing on the forward part of the foot. It was in a book of tips and techniques published by "Threads" magazine before they went totally to sewing.

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