Surprised and pleased

Hey guys, I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I was kind of stunned at this, and I wanted to show off just a tiny bit:

I won a first prize blue ribbon a the Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts last week for this small afghan! It's crocheted, not knitted, but I knit a lot, so I don't feel guilty about that, lol!
Actually, now I'm thinking of entering a knitted piece next year. I was hesitating even entering it in the first place, but my guy kept saying "Don't worry about it, just enter it." I'm glad I listened to him:)

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Looks great! I really like all the colors and the design. Nice job. Toot away. You've earned it! :)

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That's absolutely gorgeous!!! Congratulations!

That is a REAL blue ribbon piece----reminds me of the quilt pattern called LoneStar.

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That's a lovely afghan.

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This is a beautiful piece, I am so happy you posted it, crochet or knitting, I do both and really appreciate the work, again thanks for posting

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This is a beautiful piece of fiber artistry and you deserve to strut it a bit

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A well deserved blue ribbon. I like the unexpected color combination.

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So excellent! I really like the color combo!

Think less, enjoy it more.

You deserve that blue ribbon. It's a beautiful and unusual piece. I love it.

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Congratulations on the blue ribbon!

With work like that you really do deserve it!

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Beautiful! Quilt patterns translate to crochet easier then to knit I think......but that may be because I am reluctant to piece knits.

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I agree with that Mario. In this case, the joining was incorporated in the final round of each diamond, so there was no actual stitching needed. A lot of knitting piece-work involves stitching together. I do some of both, but it's always nice when you don't have to stitch.

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Thanks for all the great comments guys:)
Really, it's another feather in each of our caps, all of us guys who create with yarn!

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That is a wonderful piece of work. Definitely a first place winner. Congratulations on a great job.

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You shoulld be proud of your accomplishment. It's a beautiful piece of work! I like the pattern and colours. Very old fashioned looking. I really like it.

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That's a BEAUTIFUL afghan Paul!!! Makes me want to crochet something!