Starmore Elephant vest

My grandson is growing up. but the sweater still fits!
This is the Starmore Elephant vest from her yarn kit.

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Beautiful picture, Bill. You must be so proud!

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Bill, I love the elephant pattern and the vest you made is so handsome. As is your grandson. I have never ordered a kit but you are convincing me I should.

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That vest is as stunning as the day you first posted it. What a great looking grandson, too.

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That's a great looking vest Bill, one I've admired for some time.

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good-looking vest, Bill!

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I don't much care for a lot of colorwork, but even I have to admit that this is adorable. Great work.

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Your colourwork is always superior. You have my respect and admiration for it. Where did you order this? Did it come with knitting wools?

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The Starmore site is
The vest is available in two colourways.
The pattern is her children's book.
The kits are priced by size...but she is very generous with the yarn...there is always yarn left over.

I miss the old Alice Starmore kts: interesting designs, superior quality wool, always enough provided to finish the project.

Ahh for the "good old days"

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Such a beautiful vest...and a grandson to be proud of!!

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The vest and the grandson are BOTH adorable Bill!!! P.S. I love his boots.