Cable Guy Sweater from Son of Stitch N Bitch

I am trying to knit the Cable Guy sweater from Son of Stitch N Bitch, and I have a really big question.

When I knit the sleeves, I started by CO 76 st. Rows 1 to 3 use the same 76 st with no problem. When I try row 4, I have too many st. I count up the st in Row 4 of the pattern, and only 74 are accounted for. I need some help figuring this out. I am trying to find corrections for any errata online, and can't find any for this pattern. thanks for a reply.
jim. :-)


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did you do a search for errata?
there may be a mistake in the pattern...
checked ravelry...and there's a group...
they may be able to help.

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Hey Bill. I think I solved the problem. There is a misprint in the pattern. So, I adjusted the number to make it work right. Instead of P3, I P5 to keep the stitches lined up, and I think that was the simple solution. I spent many hours last night trying to figure it out, and it came to me this morning that it might just be a wrong # printed. Thanks for your reply.

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Good for you, James!
...glad you figured it out!

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James, I have that book and ended up frogging this sweater (not because of the pattern, but for other reasons) just before reaching the body/sleeve joins. This pattern had several errors with no formal errata source, but I concur with Bill on going to Ravelry. Some of the ravelers who have successfully completed the sweater have shared great project notes. I do remember reading about issues with the body/sleeve decreases and the neck. It's a very handsome pattern.

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I love the design but not so much the pattern or execution of it. I'll probably be doing a variation on it. Please be sure to post a picture of your finished sweater being worn. Can't wait to see it.