This is a post on my blog, I thought I would post here.

Etsy has suspended my account until I’m able to pay my bill. This is the WORST time for this to happen, but they have every right to do so. So, I need help getting it back up ASAP. As you all know, selling my teddy bears on Etsy is my ONLY income. So, please, help! Retweet, link, send out emails. I can’t be beat down now. We’ve come too far for that. Lionbrand Yarn is going to be promoting me on their website in the next week or so, and now I have NO PLACE to direct customers. I have GOT to get this taken care of.

Etsy has yet to contact me back, so I've sent a letter to their press department explaining how much this means to me and NOT having a shop while the promotion rolls out will be futile and pointless. So, if anyone wants to help out, there is a donate button on my website to help me take care of the Etsy bill and get me back up.

Lionbrand asked me if there was anything specific I wanted to mention in the promotion. I said, "I would REALLY like you to mention Menwhoknit.com"

Thanks everyone.



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Is you bill large? How much do you needed donated?