What are they thinking?

the new look for bikers?

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I love the pictures you find for us, Bill. What a hoot!

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I agree with Ronhuber. :)

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Despite the entertaining factor of it... I kind of hope not.

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I don't have a lot of details, but thanks to Google's reverse image search, I was able to find the origin of the photo. It appears it was some sort of bicycle race where most of the contestants wore some sort of female clothing. There's a whole set of photos on Flickr from the woman who took them. There are a few of this guy, and even one of him having a tinkle. :)


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...they're even more scary!

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There's so much I want to say...and I start to say it...and I take it back...mainly because I'm not sure WHAT to say!!!! :-)

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I hope this was for charity and he earned a great deal of money for something.

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That is in almost in as bad taste as that wonky cowboy hat photo you found. Oh well....

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