Scarf for my man

Just finished a seed stitch scarf with a garter border made out of this incredible hand-dyed wool we found on an Alaskan cruise last year. Love how the color travels. Off the needles a night ago. Picture attached.

Hands are itching for the next project.

Next up - mitts for married friends here in Sacramento. Anybody have any favorite fingerless mitt patterns? I've pulled a few off Ravelry. I tricked out a pattern a few years ago from the Flying Geese & Partridge Feet Book that I got back East.

Any favorites?

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The scarf is very handsome! I love the way the colors pooled.

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Thanks for the compliment, KnittingMill. I think it came out pretty well myself. The pooling's pretty spectacular. Wish I could say it was planned, lol.

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Your man is crazy lucky all 'round.

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Hey Gregory, thanks! My man and I both think we're crazy lucky all 'round :) Best to you!

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What an amazing color distribution! Beautiful job!

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Thanks for the comment, Tom. Makes me want to learn how to dye. Can't take any credit for that :)

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The colors are amazing. It looks as if the scarf itself was watercolored.

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Thanks, Mike! The dyer did a beautiful job with this wool. I LOVE the colors she chose. They really knit up beautifully with very little effort on my part. Had no idea when I bought those skeins that it would end up like this :)

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I really like the colorway. How appropriate that you got it on an Alaskan cruise. It looks a lot like an aurora borealis event! Beautiful.

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Thanks, Mark. Yeah, when I saw how the pooling was working out I thought the same thing. We didn't get to see the Northern Lights on the cruise, but now we have this handmade version to remember :)

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Oh that is excellent! You chose the right number of stitches to make the pooling work out like that. If you had a few more or a few less, it wouldn't have come out like that. Or if you started the row at a different point in the colour sequence, it would be all thrown off. You were very lucky!

Actually, you don't need to do a garter stitch border with seed stitch. The reason for garter stitch is that there is an balance of knit and purl over two rows so it won't curl. Seed stitch also has the same number of knits and purls in two rows, so is a good substitute for garter stitch along the edges. You can also use moss stitch with equal effectiveness. A 1/1 rib is also good, with a slightly different visual effect. You would get a really good scarf with just all seed stitch.

This is one situation where variegated yarn (and pooling) actually looks good!

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Thanks for the feedback, Tallguy.

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This is one of the nicest varigated colourways I have seen and the pooling is fantastic, the scarf is handsome and masculine, overall an exceptional piece of work.

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Thanks for the kind words, Dennis. The colors really spoke to my partner when we found a couple skeins in a shop up in Juneau, Alaska.

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MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Absolutely. Wanna say I planned it, but alas it was all up to the skein.

Amazing! Ikat!

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Thanks, Dan! Yeah, it kinda came out that way. Not planned at all :)

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That pattern came out just fantastic! I like how the seed stitch and garter edge compliment each other so well. I'm going to have to remember that "design element" for one of my future projects. I love ikat and this colorway certainly recalls it to mind. Definitely a "thanks" for sharing.

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Hey, Joe! You're welcome. Thanks so much for the thoughts about the pattern. I like how the garter borders the seed stitch (3 stitches of garter on each side and 6 rows at the beginning and end to "frame" the seed stitch). Best wishes!

Wow! I hope you bought that yarn like crazy. The colors are fabu together and the pooling was marvelous. Great scarf. I'm sure your man will love it. What a lucky dog.