What a hoot!

This is the "Owl Pullover" by Roo Designs. It was knit for my best friend's soon-to-be 2 year old son, Andrew. I used good ol' RHSS in a retro palette that served well to deplete scraps from my stash. I believe I have now conquered my aversion to intarsia with the successful completion of this project.





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Perfect for a toddler!

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Frigg'n adorable. Good to see you still around too.

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Thanks Q! I just returned a couple of weeks ago from South America helping out some folks. I'm glad to be home and I'm slowly catching up with everything.

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Right? Roo Designs has some adorable kid's sweaters!

(Bill this was meant to be placed under your response...oops)

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Masterful, Mill! Beautiful work. I want to do some intarsia someday. That sweater looks perfect in every way. Your friend must be amazed.

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Thanks Tom! She actually lives in El Paso and I mailed it off to her this morning. I can't wait to hear her response. Intarsia has been difficult for me historically because of my perfectionism and OCD. I constantly have to chant to myself during the process that it's going to look like a hot, uneven mess until I'm done and can weave in my ends and adjust the tension at the starting/stopping points of different colors. It's a good allegory for life I guess (lol).

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Millard -- You never cease to amaze me with your talent and your perfection! I am green with envy.

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Thanks Mark, that's very sweet!

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Great looking sweater.

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Thanks Ron! Hopefully a photo with little Andrew in it will follow!

Wow Millard, what a beautifully knit and fun sweater. Your friend and her son will be delighted. Look forward to seeing more intarsia work.

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Thanks so much Christine! I have a really cool adult sweater coming out in the spring with intarsia (and that's about all I can say about that...). (",)

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Mill this beautiful!!!!! Wow!!!! I agree with you about intarsia, I much prefer stranding Well done, you are a busy man.

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Aww...thanks Dennis! "I much prefer stranding" --ME TOO!!! I know, I need to slow down one of these days so I can get me a man! (",)

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Millard, you do beautiful work. Everything you have posted is a treat to the eyes. This sweater is absolutely great. What fun to wear. Great job.

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Wow, thanks so much Jack! It does look fun to wear. I almost wish I had one in my size!

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If you had an aversion to intarsia, is certainly doesn't show! What a terrific piece. Gratz to you Mill :)

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Thanks Paul! I look at intarsia like a necessary evil. I love the look enough to grit my teeth and bare knitting through it...lol.

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A beautiful sweater and so well made. I'm yet to try intarsia.

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Thanks much Kerry! If you decide to give it a go, a glass of merlot helps (two glasses are even better).

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Wonderful work, as always, Mill. That intarsia turned out fantastic. Good to see that things have slowed down enough that you've caught up with yourself. Take care.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks Joe! Yes, I've finally settled back in to my usual routine--feels good.

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That's nice to know. Have a good Halloween...if you celebrate it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.