Are knitted iPad sleeves safe?


I was just wonderingif anyone has encountered problems using a knitted sleeve for ipad or iphone.

I was about to make one when the IT guy at work told me i should avoid it as it would generate static which would be bad for the ipad.

What are your thoughts.



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I would be more worried about the static buildup from knit sweaters on the person using the I-Pad...I've seen multiple instances where the person builds up enough static to send electronics wonkie...but an I-pad sleeve shouldn't be getting enough friction to build static.

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I agree with Mario and the static built up by a person shouldn't generate enough voltage to cause any permanent damage. When I lived in El Paso, the air was so dry that static electricity would often effect (affect?...I can never get that right) my laptop--and sometimes my phone--but it was easily enough remedied. You can remove the built up static charge by removing the batteries of your device and holding down the power button for 30 seconds to a minute. It usually fixes the problem.

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Thanks, your eGlove was actually the pattern i wanted to use. Do you have any idea of the yardage it took?

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Oh, cool! It took approximately 130 yds total. I haven't had any issues with static (mine is made of an acrylic/wool blend) but it's so humid here in NOLA that I'm not so sure that's a good measure of anything. Please let me know if you have any issues or questions! I'd be happy to assist if I can.

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I have a Nook and I crocheted a case for it, but it is lined with a cotton fabric. Wool and friction are very good for a static electricity build up. I don't know if superwash does that. From my personal experience, I decided to make a cotton sleeve for the inside to place the Nook, because I did get some static electricity fun once and it is not good.
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One of our local knitters has a nephew who works explosive detail for the military. She was informed when she was going to knit him gloves for his tour in Afghanistan that they had to be of a fiber that was not static inducing due to possible accidental sparking/detonation. I believe she used a synthetic fiber. I believe I recall from High School chem that many oil based products don't polarize well therefore don't accrue static charges. Most plant based fibers often don't charge up either. I personally would just be careful of your fiber choice. I would also be aware of how you transport your ipad. I had a bag for my laptop once that used to build up a charge due to it's rocking movement that rubbed it on my jacket as I walked as well as the items moving in it. I made a habit of "de-gausing" my computer like Mill suggested before turning it on due to interference. It's amazing what a little zap of errent static can do to electronics. Many of them now days are insulated against such things, but Murphy's always working against us.

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I would not want to use acrylics because they tend to produce a lot of static. Animal fibres tend to do that as well, but plant fibres would not. If you are making a case, using cotton would be a good choice for a couple of reasons, or perhaps a blend of some sort. And you can consider hemp, linen, ramie, even a rayon as well. Bamboo and corn are really synthetics, closely related to rayons, and may or may not work that well.

While your IT guy is correct about the damage from stray electrons flying around, he doesn't understand that all fabric is not the same! He only knows synthetics, like acrylics and polyesters (poor kid), so is not aware that there are other fibres around that we can use. Give cotton a try, but keep in mind that it has no elasticity so will get out of shape easily, unless you use a firm stitch gauge, and maybe an elastic stitch such as ribbing or cables to help pull it in.

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Thanks, i think i'll pick up some cotton or hemp this weekend and so fabric to make a lining as well. Thanks for everyone's input!