Flying geese mitts

Just getting packed to head out for a month of work across our great land. Wouldn't be winter travel without my flying geese mitts. These are in my high school colors. I also made a companion fingerless pair in gray and black. Gonna be a chilly month of travel between CO and NY. But someone's gotta do it :)

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Oh my!!!! they do look warm

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Great gloves, beautifully knit!

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Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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You guys are the best. Make a newbie feel very welcome up here :) Best to you all!

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I have often seen the pattern in quilts but never in gloves. Very beautiful.

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Those are beautiful work and look very warm. Great job and travel safely!

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These two color gloves look great. And hopefully they are very warm in the cold air. Good job. Very impressive....Cullen