Raglan help!

Hi guys!

I need some help (yup, more help...). I've been working on a raglan hoodie, last night i finished blocking both sleeves, the front panels and back. Today as i went to sew the back panel and front to the sleeve, i notice the raglan on the sleeve is about an inch shorter than the other two pieces.

Is there any way for me to fix this without having to redo both sleeves?

Any advice would be much appreciated. For now i'm going to bed as i fear fiddling with this will only bring about more tears!

Please help me lol.



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Ok, the temporary panic is over and i was able to undo my bind of and place the stiched back on the needles so i can knit a few more rows on each sleeve.

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hahaha... sometimes when you sleep on it, the solution comes to you!

So did you find out why there was a discrepancy in the size of both sleeves? Once you find why, it is easy to fix it.

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Not sure why the sleeves are shorter, i re-read the pattern and didn't catch anything. Thankfully i hadn't weaved in my ends yet so i was able to unsew a little from each side, undo my BO and place the stiches back on the needle. Now that the other two pieces are still attached its easy for me to see how many rows i need to add... So all is well thus far...

Its my first sweater so i knew there was bound to be a few hiccups. I was actualy surprised I hadn't encountered any yet, i guess i spoke to soon :(

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Was the pattern from Lion Brand, their Saturday Morning Hoodie pattern?

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Yes it was.

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That was my first sweater! I still wear the heck out of it. I think I remember having to "ease in" the sleeve seams. I wasn't yet experienced enough to not take the pattern at face value. I can't wait to see yours!


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Hi Mil,
It was the hoodie that you made that inspired me to make one. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Cool! That's sweet. I need to make another one in another color, because it's my "go to" sweater I throw over everything. I've taken down your notes so I won't run into any problems next time. Thanks for those!

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I just finished the same pattern Wednesday eveing and had the same problem. I fixed it the same way. Also, I decreased on the first and last stitch for the raglans edges and that made for one very ugly seam. I frogged back and did the decreases on the stitch after the first and before the last stitches and that created the raglan seam that I was familiar with. One other thing, when I picked up the stitches for the ribbed border the pattern should have had me pick up 2 additional stitches so that I ended up with the same pattern on both sides of front. As it is, I have a K2s meeting with P2s on the opposite side. The pattern instructions seem to be written for someone with a little more raglan experience under their belt than I had. Hope that is of some assistance.

PS. It's very warm! Just in time for winter!!

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You reminded me that I did have to rip out the ribbing and redo it. I had forgotten. In fact, when I took that photo I had just finished knitting the ribbing for the second time and it was like 2 a.m. LOL! I've since added i-cord button loops and some cool elongated wood buttons I got at Joann's.

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I did the i-cord button loops too (and I thought I was being original, lol). I took it a step farther and made i-cord 'knot' buttons.....that I'll be cutting off and tossing after I get some cool elongated wooden ones at Joann's! Well, it looked ok in my head....not so nice on the hoodie.

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Congratulations on coming up with a solution on your own. I've never tried this pattern but will hope to remember the problems you - and others - have had with it.

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