I Met Sally Melville & Lucy Neatby

It's been nearly 2 weeks and I figured I should get off my "best intentions" and put a post up on this. On September 9th I traveled up to Kitchener, Ontario for the Waterloo County Knitter's Fair 2006, put on by the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Guild. It is the largest all knitting show in Canada, there were more than 50 different vendors there with everything you could possibly want for knitting.

Both Sally and Lucy are members of the KW Guild, so they were naturally a part of the day's event. Sally gave a presentation of "Sally's Top 10 Pet Peeve Questions." All about the questions that knitters are asked, the ones we wish people wouldn't ask, and how she handles them. It was entertaining, informative and she gave some personal insights on the knitting industry, where she thinks it's going and where she thinks some are dropping the ball for the future.

Lucy was there with her new DVD sets, which look outstanding. She was very approachable and really enjoyed talking with other knitters. I told her about the Men Who Knit website, which she thought was very exciting. She loves her male knitters and thinks that the best lace knitters she has ever met are men. That of course led me to brag about the outstanding knitters we have here. So if anyone's ears were ringing that day, I'm to blame for it.

Now of course I could not come home empty handed. The ladies in the Buffalo Knitting Guild were amazed by my self control, but I did make tow purchases that I really liked. First off I did show self control and did not but the $50 a hank Quivet. Though it was soft and beautiful and I really enjoyed touching it. But I put it back. Instead I bought 2 hanks of fingering weight Camel Down, which I am using to make a reversible cabled scard for myself. I also bought 5 hanks of Baby Alpaca lace weight. We are gong to have a shawl knit along in our guild after the new year, so I will most likely be using this.

I know I've been lrking for a while now. So I'll have some pictures to post over the next few days.

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I was also there as I am currently in Canada. I wish I would have known you were going and we could have had a chin way and coffee.

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You know I thought I remembered that there were some Ontario members of this group. I had thought about posting on it beforehand, but planning the guild bus trip, as well as our Fall Seminars, kept me so busy I never got around to it. And you know we probably passed by eachother while we were there. Though at one point it was so crowded I could have been next to my best friend and not seen them

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Yes, it was very crowded when I was there but a great location and a lovely selection of yarns. I didn't buy much as I had just received an order from the Shetland Islands. Did latch on to some Briggs and Little which is my favourite worsted weight wool and will use it for some warm sweaters for my nephews and nieces. Let's remember each other for next year.