Weaving in ends?

Ok so i've spent the past couple days doing something i hate, weaving in end tails. Man oh man did this hoodie have a lot of them...

Any tips for weaving in ends, i always get stuck with a little piece that is to short to tuck in anywhere...

Do you guys just leave it or fasten it with sewing thread or something...



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You can tack it in place with matching sewing thread, if it's very short.
I often separate the strands and sew them with a sharp needle...piercing the other wool, rather than just "lacing" it through the stitches.

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I almost always do it differently. It's so much easier to "embed" the yarn tails into crochet and not have those pesky ends sticking out. Lately I've been essentially doing duplicate stitch on the wrong side for about an inch or two and repeat—in a lower row—in the opposite direction. I generally don't cut the tail excess until after my final blocking and leave abut a half an inch until the garment has had some wash and wear. With lace, I cut it even with the fabric just after blocking. I should implore Bill's method, but I'm too lazy.

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Bill's method is supposed to be one of the very best. That said, I don't do it. [Like Mill...just lazy.] However, I do weave in the ends as I knit. Kaffe Fasset has really good instructions in Glorious Knitting, as does Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting. I also leave a bit of a tail dangling until I wash it, then cut them off.

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I too duplicate stitch my ends in on pieces though I'm anal and hide at least 4-6 inches. I have yet to have had a piece unravel on me. With slicker fibers such as bamboo I have tied a small knot in the very end and tacked it down just out of paranoia.

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I duplicate stitch on the wrong side as well, but lately, if I run into a project with tons of ends, I do this:

Judy's done a lot of knitting for major motion pictures and even for Streisand, so I guess she wouldn't want her work unraveling :)

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If the thread is the same simply carry it with the new thread for a few stitches (it wont show) if it is different (ie as a pattern)weave it along like a fairaisle and then when you are finished simply cut all the ends off don