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Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon Osborn (a triangular scarf)

I almost never knit for myself. I either cast on with someone specific in mind to be it's recipient or give away a completed piece to an avid admirer. However, I decided it was time to be a little selfish. I wanted to knit a triangular scarf in autumnal colors that would also coordinate with a few jackets I have.
I was inspired by the changing foliage brought about by a VERY welcomed cooling climate...Fall in South Louisiana is so unbelievably beautiful that it makes schlepping through an impossibly humid, hot summer (almost) worth every gargantuan mosquito.
I used Schaefer's "Anne" (merino/mohair/nylon blend) for the main body in the Toni Morrison colorway and Knit Picks Stroll (merino/nylon) in Masala Tweed for the edging. The Schaefer yarn is a tightly spun 3 ply which seems like it will hold up well to my notoriously abrasive, thick beard.
I added a 2 repeats to the body chart and modified the edging to accommodate the yardage of the Stroll yarn I had leftover from another project. I'll put all the details on Ravelry.
I'm thinking of cutting out all of the little blue bits of dongeal in the border. It would take a little time, but they're sort of bugging me. You really don't notice them too much in person unless you look closely. What do you think?


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it's STUNNING! could change the colour of the blue bits! ...take a yellow or orange fabric pen and tint the blue bits either green or brown...whatever works for you overall colour scheme...

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That's a great suggestion Bill! Thanks! I have some fabric pens in my craft closet.

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Hmm, I like the blue bits, they're a great rich blue like that of an autumn sky. Kind of like walking through the woods and catching site of the sky through the turning leaves. But that's just me.

Kind of like:

From AKQGuy
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Thanks Q! That's an interesting thought. I need to let that marinate a bit.

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Very beautiful work... love it !!!

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Thanks so much!

What a beautiful scarf and such a gorgeous colourway. I wouldn't take out the blue bits as they do not detract from the overall look. Happy wearing it.

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Thanks Christine! I can't wait to wear it!!!

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Mill is just fine as it is, I really do like the blue bits but I understand how you feel if it really does bug you. It is a great shawl and I am sure (notoriously or not - who has been talking) it will stand up to the beard. As always a great piece from you. Look forward to a pic of you wearing it.

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Thanks so much Dennis! I'm going to wear it this weekend and promise to get some pics up.

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I always think a splash of colour adds interest to the article and it does especially in your shawl. It is beautiful and like all your projects, knitted to perfection.

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I think the "blue bits" are growing on Thanks Ron, you're always so sweet!

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I'm just in awe. It's an absolutely stunning piece.


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Thanks Brent! That's very kind!

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Looks Fantastic! And a great pattern.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Thanks Mario! Isn't that a great little pattern? I passed over it a couple of times because unfortunately the cover shot in Ravelry doesn't really show what the scarf looks like. It's fast and doesn't require much yarn at all.

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What yardage, and needle size? And final dimensions? (as brain cell begins to perk...)

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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OK, luckily I wrote all of this down. I used 218 yds of the Schaefer (560 yds/113gms) and 140 yds of the Stroll (231 yds/50 gms). I used 4.0mm needles for the body and 5.0mm needles for the bind off.

Pattern Mods: (the pattern is free on Ravelry)
I added 2 repeats to the body chart. I knit rows 1-10 of the edging chart, deleted rows 11-22, and continued with rows 23-34. For the rows 23-34, I deleted the 5/6 sts preceding the second YO and the 5/6 sts following the second-to-last YO to make the numbers fit. After row 34, I knit 2 rows of all knit stitches and BO with the larger needle in purl on the right side.

I'm at work, so I haven't taken it up from blocking yet, but the dimensions now are 50" x 32". I think it's a perfect size to wear around the neck and it was SO quick to knit. I knocked it out in 4 days while working on other projects. I needed a respite from Lyra and the seemingly unending knitted-on edging of Juneberry. I don't know how it happened, but I ended up knitting 3 shawls at the same time in various shades of green. I like green I guess! (",)

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Very, very nice scarf, Mill. I think the blue bits add a nice touch with up-close viewing. Otherwise, they aren't noticeable in the tweed yarn in general. It should look most dashing on you. Can't wait to see the photos.

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Thanks a bunch Joe! I unpinned it just now and it has an AMAZING drape! I'll snap some shots of me wearing it this weekend.

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Very nice! Love the colors!

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Thanks David! I love these colors.

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Beautiful work Mill, and great colours. I like the Donegal but you have to wear it...

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Thanks Kerry! After trying it on with a couple of my jackets, I think I have decided to leave the dongeal slubs as they are. I showed it to my knitting neighbor, Gladys, and she shared the same opinion.

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The pictures of the scarf are quite beautiful. I am sure it's even more impressive seeing it in person. I look forward to seeing you modeling it.....Keep up the excellent work. You really should teach knitting classes.....Cullen

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Thanks Cullen, that's very sweet! I've actually recently started teaching a few classes here and I'll be going to Northern LA in a few weeks to teach a class in Natchitoches (it's where "Steel Magnolias" was filmed). My crazy schedule is my biggest obstacle.

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Very nice Mill!

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Thanks Michael. (",)

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It's a beautiful scarf, Mill. All your stuff is. Real artistry. Your work is an inspiration, always calling me deeper into the craft. We're all lucky you're part of the group.

But as long as you brought it up, I'd say that if you ever find yourself with an excess of nervous energy you could do worse than pick up a tweezers and see what that scarf would look like naked.

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Wow, thanks ever so much Tom!!! I'm humbled by your kindness. I feel so incredibly lucky to share with all you guys and be a part of this wonderful brotherhood! You've made my day...heck, my whole week.