Bulky cowl patterns

I've been thinking of knitting myself a bulky cowl scarf for this winter. Maybe a mobius style, maybe not. Maybe one that also doubles as a hood, maybe not. Does anyone have a tried and true pattern to suggest?


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This is a tried and true pattern for me. You could bulk it up with thicker yarn or mixing in cables etc. It's easy and I wear mine almost everyday in the winter. Good luck!!

http://www.ravelry.com/projects/michael/man-or-anyone-cowl and http://thisboyknits.blogspot.com/2008/07/in-which-i-totally-keep-promise.html.


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I remember that pattern now. That is a nice design and very masculine.

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Great. Thanks. Looks like a keeper!

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Just realized neither of the links I provided actually has the pattern - so here's a third link with the pattern. :-)


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I think this one is great Tom. It's knit in a fisherman's rib and has buttons. I actually cast on 15 for the one I made my niece and used a brioche st, so it made it SUPER warm and squishy.

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Thanks. That does look like a fun scarf. And quite festive with the addition of buttons.

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Hi Tom,
I made a silk cowl last year that held up well through the colder season here in Chicago. Here is a picture of me wearing it. It's just a simple knit 2, purl 2. Nothing fancy, just a nice warm product.



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Thanks. Sometimes simpler is better!

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This is the Not-So-Rugged Scarf from Knitting With Balls. Super simple, boring as hell to knit but nice and cozy to wear.

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Thanks! I don't have the book. Will have to look it up.

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Tom, this really doesn't requrie a pattern, if you want I'll pass the specs on to you. That book does have some nice basic stuff in it though.

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Here's the Cowl that I knit for myself out of Rowan Cocoon. It is Sivia Harding's Harmonia's Rings Pattern, but I used a heavier yarn with larger needle to get the bulkier look, and did an I Cord bind off around the collar rather than the beaded picot edge in the pattern.


(I hope this makes a hot link, but if not, the cowl is in my Ravelry projects.)

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That definitely looks like a fabulous, warm and cozy cowl. Thanks!

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I must admit, I have yet to understand the attraction of cowls. Blind spot on my part maybe, but it's a scarf with no end right? I've really been enjoying my Irish hiking scarf I made last year (those of you at the 2011 MRMKR may remember it, though it got no great kudos at the show and tell :-)) in our recent cooler weather. I purposely made it pretty long, so I can wrap it around my neck and have plenty of end left over. If it gets too cold, I can pull it tighter, and if I am getting too warm, I can loosen it up, away from my neck. Can't do any of that with a cowl, so what's the deal? Why do people like these things? (Other than the idea of a mobius, which I do find intriguing.)

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I'll let you know my reaction to a cowl. Don't have one yet. Have a number of scarves so I thought a cowl would be a nice bit of variety. Plus, I can knit the cowl in the round. Can't knit a scarf in the round. And I so much prefer knitting in the round whenever I can.

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Decided on a pattern. Am knitting "Purl Ridge Scarf", pattern by Stephen West.


I'm using Noro Kureyon for the first time. Jury is still out on this yarn. Will keep you posted. It doesn't feel as soft as I like but am told it softens quite a bit after being wet blocked. Time will tell. Since I usually knit lace, this is a pretty mindless knit. But am hoping it's a good match for the yarn's colorway.