Rehab project

As my hand heals from a surgery to correct the pain I was experiencing since February of this year, I decided to knit this scarf. I did this when it became bearable enough to pick up the needles again. Still a little pain but getting better every day. I did this also because I knew I would be laid up after having foot/toe surgery to relieve that irritating pain whenever I walk and run. Good project to keep me from going stir crazy from inactivity. Today will be the first day I am going to walk any distance, at least a half a mile.

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Scarf is handsome! sorry to hear you've been going through so much pain...

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I love that pattern and you did a great job knitting it despite the pain. I hope your discomfort continues to dwindle with the increased activity!

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A most handsome scarf. Hope you recover quickly and did okay with your long distance walk.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm pleased to hear you are mending well.....nice scarf.

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Thank you guys. I walked .66 miles today. Felt good. I was missing the arthritic pain and joint pain in my right Big toe while wearing my sneakers. But that's a good thing, Right? :)

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This scarf is beautiful! I can only imagine it was a challenge to knit this after having hand surgery. I hope I'm not prevailing on your privacy, but what type surgery did you have done on your hand. I'm only asking this because my partner had his left thumb joint replace in September. The PT staff encourage him to use a Nerf Ball, or anything to exercise his fingers and thumb. The doctors called this procedure a "snuff box" repair. In either case, I hope you are mending well. Again, I love the scarf!

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I had Joint surgery as well. And myDoc gave me some clay to squeeze as physical therepy. It ha ssbeen over a month now but still sore. When the swelling goes totally away I shoulf be good as new. Hurts nowhere as much as it did before the surgery when I knit. Still it aches from time to time but the Ibuprofen takes it down. Thanks for your comment.