Holdoff project

I am using this afghan as a "holdoff" project hoping that by the time I am finished with it I will have worked up the courage to try to knit myself a sweater. A cabled fisherman type would be very cool.

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don't be afraid! The problem with sweaters is more a time commitment than difficulty. The important part is finding a pattern that is written clearly and keeping track of where you are located in the pattern. Cables are also pretty straight forward once you get used to the process.

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Thank You for the words of encouragement. And yes, I am not worried about the cables I can do those pretty easily. Just getting over the jump to doing sweaters is what I am working on. I really need to do them though because I do love to wear sweaters whenever I get the chance.

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The afghan looks great! I'd say you're ready!

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I would agree!

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I think the extra practice from the afghan will benefit you on a sweater. And I've found the amount of time knitting a sweater is equal to - or less - than an average sized afghan. Looking forward to photos of both when finished.

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