Last Minute

It seems as though I plan things at the last minute. In March I took a cruise, book the cruise, flight, hotel and made plans for the dogs, cat and house all with 20 days to departure. Now last week I talked to my partner of 12 ½ years and thought that we should get married to make everything legal. Well living in Illinois I read all about the law and the actions that are being taken to hopefully expand the current law and felt that the Illinois Civil Union just was not for us, after all we would you have to go back and file for marriage when it is legal for us to do so in this here. Thinking about last week I figured that David, my partner, and I should run off to Dubuque Iowa for a quick marriage with a judge. Just this past Monday we made all sorts of phone calls and found that it would be too difficult to guarantee that we would be able to get it done really fast with a magistrate. We found a minister who will perform the minimum needed to get the marriage legal. We filed for the marriage license, went shopping for shirts, had a picture taken with a photographer, gone to a printer to have a card made and bought stuff to embellish cards. We are only having a small ceremony with the minister, his husband, my brother & his wife and their 2 children. Our parents, his children and the rest of our friends and family will be getting an announcement card. So far I have been able to get 3 finished but I have some parts ready to be put in.

It’s funny to think about it, we decided to combine our names. It makes me laugh, probably because I have a bunch of them recorded on my DVR and watching one now, but one of my favorite shows is Mad Men and in a week, next Saturday, I will be getting married and will be known as Mr. Draper. LOL =D

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Congratulations! I know you must be ecstatic and just abuzz with things to do just now. I know you will have a wonderful future together.


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CONGRATULATIONS Gene, I mean, Mr. Draper!!! I couldn't be happier for you and your future husband! I wish you all the best!


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May I add my congratas as well. My partner and I will be doing the same next year, we are looking around at places to get married but have not decided on anyhing just yet.

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Thanks guys, 2 weeks is a horrible timeframe to plan this kind of stuff in. I am not a very public type of person, rather shy, so really I would have preferred not to have anyone even there but ya gotta have 2 witnesses. The small church in Dubuque that we found the minister at is cute, really it’s an adorable building.
Yes I have tons of stuff that needs to be getting done. But if my boss will let me have Friday off I should be better off. Me and my dumb ideas, I thought this would have been simple. =D

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Best of luck.

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Congratulations and best wishes. It will be worth it, even with all the hassles of the short time frame.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Congratulations and have fun with your new name! :)

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Congratulation and I'd like to welcome another Iowa husband and husband to Earth. September of 2009 My husband and I got married at the Brown Street Inn, a bed and breakfast in Iowa City. Same deal, we brought our own preacher and a dozen of out closest freinds and relatives. It was without a doubt the best day of my life. By the way we've been together 27 years now. I'm so happy for you two!