Redbird - flying away

I made this shawl for my sister-in-law; HOWEVER, a big technical error means I'll have to remake it.

I used Kieran Foley's pattern Blackbird but changed it's name for the most obvious reason.

The big problem is the drop beads along the outside edge. The pattern called for 6/0 beads but decided that bigger drop beads would add more weight to this super light-weight yarn. I used Bambu 12 by Silk City. This yarn is 6,300 yards/pound. Which means this shawl weighs a bit less than 2 ounces (before beads). I knit it using a US #2 needle.

The problem is while I used 6/0 beads in the body of the shawl the larger drop beads along the bottom points do add weight but they also get stuck in every stitch. Meaning that every time it moves you have to go around it and detangle the beads. Not a good option.

So, I'm working on another shawl now, but as soon as it it off the needles I'll be starting this one over with a heavier weight yarn and only 6/0 beads. I'm sure this will be a much better choice.

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That's a BEAUTIFUL shawl in a gorgeous color Rick!!! It's too bad about the larger border beads, because it looks so nice. It's good to know, however, because I've thought about doing the very same thing before.

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Yeah - the problem seems to be that the bead hangs off the bottom - a heavier bead that the yarn actually runs completely through from end to end (instead of just at the top) I think would work. There just has to be no loose part of the bead (if that makes sense).


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I agree, it is beautiful work and a good thing to know. I have had a similar issue with beaded work tangling in the knitting. I hope you can only remove the trouble area and not have to tear it all out.

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I am always amazed by beaded knitwork. Even though I have no interest in doing it [so far]. That is a very nice shawl and I hope you can correct the problem without too much hassle.

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This really is a lovely shawl, sorry the bead thing is causing problems. Thanks for letting us know about the problem

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I agree with Mill 66% - I don't agree with his last sentence because I have NO desire to do beaded knitting.....*grin*

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