Two Sweaters

I knit a sweater for my neighbour in Mexico from Paton's Bulky on 6mm needles. It is charcoal with a yellow and orange fleck in it. I used the pattern I developed but this time I knit back and forth as I didn't know how the yarn which is 75% acrylic would steek. I knit the sleeves in the round.
The second is a sweater I knit for my friend Miguel. It is Jamieson and Smith Shetland wool on 3.25mm needles. This is my favourite yarn and I know exactly how it is going to act. The colour is "live lobster". I knit the collar 12 inches and then turned it to the inside and tacked it down. It is stretchy enough to cover his lower face when it is cold.

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Nice work! These sweaters are gorgeous.

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Wow Ron, these sweaters are gorgeous and beautifully executed (as usual)!!! I particularly like the placket and collar on Miguel's sweater! The color is beautiful as well..."live lobster"—love the name. Lucky recipients!

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Very nice sweaters, Ron. The high rising collar on the 2nd is a nice feature. I've worked on shawl collared items but will have to keep that one in mind for future projects.

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Nice work, Ron. I especially like Miguel's sweater with that button-up collar. Beautiful!

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Really nice sweaters Ron, Miguel looks very happy with his. I agree with you about Jamieson & Smith, I enjoy the crisp feel of the wool when knitting but the finished object softens up. At the moment I'm knitting a sweater for myself using Harrisville Designs Shetland, a US Shetland style wool in charcoal but the contrast colour is a heathered yellow/green by Jamieson & Smith.

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Gorgeous work! I love the colourways in the J&S line. Thanks for sharing your work.

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Looks great Ron! I'll have to remember that Paton's bulky, as I like the speckled effect. I'm currently working on my second Weasley Sweater (based on the ones Mrs. Weasley makes for the boys in the movies). I'm using Red Heart Fleck yarn (Yes, horrors that it's acrylic, but I was unable to find a nice wool that gives this effect.) It's worsted weight, and I'm using 5mm needles. I may try that Paton's bulky if I do another.

Love Miguel's sweater even more. Those button collars are great.

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Miguel looks great in his sweater - and I love the high collar with the buttons!