Invisible Increase Stitch

I would like to learn how to do the "invisible increase" stitch. Elizabeth Zimmermann describes it on page 27 of "Knitting Without Tears" as does Anna Zilboorg on page 49 in "Knitting for Anarchists". I cannot seem to do it properly. My stitch is not invisible as it leaves behind a funny single slanting stitch. I cannot seem to manipulate the increase stitch when I follow EZ's diagram. Can anyone help me with this or give a link to an internet site? I've looked around but can't seem to find a place that shows how to do it.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this is the increase made by knitting into the stitch below.


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You will find a multitude of methods and suggestions for this one!!! When you want to increase make a V in your knitting by pulling it apart with the left and right needles. Obviously, the knitting is held together by strands and the top one is the one you use for the increase. Pick it up with either needle but it does eventually have to end up on the left needle because it is your new stitch and you knit it either through the front or the back. This will depend on how you picked it up and how you got it onto the left needle. Practice different methods until you achieve one that you like and is easy for you. My friend picks hers up with the right needle and twists it as she puts it onto the left needle and then knits it normally. I still use the firm backward loop over the right needle because to me it is functional increase that does not depend on any other stitch or strand and stands on its own. Another friend simply uses a YO and then knits into the back of it when she meets it on the next round. And there is nothing more beautiful than KFB when doing a line of increases such as a raglan sweater from the top down.
My two pence worth and believe me: you will find an increase you like and will end up using it almost exclusively no matter what the pattern calls for.