First Afghan

Well this is my first Afghan. I made it for a Christmas present this year. Just finishing up the fringe on it.

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Great job - really beautiful!

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I think it came out wonderfully! You did a fantastic job!

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Very nice afghan.

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That is very nice work. Lucky person, whomever gets it.

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Hi there...great job. I don't know what yarn weight you used, but it looks like it could we worn as a shall as well. It's beautiful. I just finished my first one two weeks ago. It feels great to get it done.

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Beautiful afghan!

Spicemanknit's picture

Love it! Such detail in this.

MMario's picture

Love all the textures. Beautifully done.

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Thanks guys!

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That's Fantastic. With all that texture practice, you're ready to knit your first gansey.

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