My next Christmas present

As I am retired and on a meager fixed retirement income I am forced to make my presents this year(I like that though). I am now making a Irish hooded scarf with pockets for my wife. Color is a Denim Heather.

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I've always wanted to make one of those. Which pattern are you using?

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Try this link It is the one I am using. A lot of new stiches for me, learning alot. Doing things I ahave never done before. Hope it owrks for you. Enjoy! If you can't get the link to work let me know i'll try something else.

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Thanks!!! I really like it! It's going in my queue.

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That is a nice looking pattern. I think handmade gifts are wonderful. I just hope that your family and friends appreciate the amount of love and time you put into knitting them. Most do.

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Beautiful so far! A hooded scarf with pockets... Never heard of anything like it. Can't wait to see the final thing.

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This is looking great. I'm in the same boat as you and am making hand knit gifts as well.

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Knitting gifts *can* be expensive - but face it, they do double or triple duty - entertainment and occupying your time - and THEN as a gift...


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