Sock 1; Take 2

Well some time ago I started my very first sock, I felt good knowing I was going to be learning something new. During that project, as well as others following it, I was told I was…well let’s just drop that. So Sock 1; Take 1 was frogged and a new one was started.
I would like to know from you guys, a public poll of sorts, that if I am working this correctly. At this time it is just 2x2 ribbing on 3 needles as per pattern. Am I still twisting stitches?
I hope the pics look alright, I took them on the dashboard of the car during my lunch hour with my cell phone.
Look forward to reading comments…be honest, it is the only way a person that is reading a pictureless pattern is going to learn.

***pic 3 added***

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With them all pulled together in the ribbing it won't be seen by these pics. If you can stretch it out and get light behind it for the pics it would be possibly easier to view. But if you are, it appears to be consistent and the sock is quiet lovely no matter. What you are looking for is that your yarn marches from side to side through each row without crossing itself in that row. If your stitches twist they will look like the little jesus fish standing on their tails instead of a wiggly line that links to the rounds above and below? Did that muddy the water enough? Either way, I love the color and it looks beautiful and warm from here in Wyoming. Keep up the great work.

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Thanks, I'll try to get another pic like this weekend. I would do it now but I have to calm my nerves a bit...I have a meeting with the company VP in 10 minutes... (as my hands are shaking and my mind is screaming OH WHY!!! I'M ONLY IN CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!)

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Good luck!

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I have to agree with Quinton. My take is that the sock looks quite nice and the knitting is very consistent. Based on what I'm seeing, the stitches look fine and not twisted. Still, even if they were, in ribbing it just helps it snug up better. Very nice work and I hope your meeting went well.

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Oh the meeting could have gone a whole lot better. Apparently a small few don't like gay people so I had to defend myself, now it's a legal issue. =(

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That's too bad. Lots of luck getting it taken care of.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Gene, The stitches look fine from the pics... Twisted stitches definately have a look, sort of backwards looking. Years ago when I was in the same type of situation I made a small swatch and intentionally twisted a few of the stitches and definately noticed the difference. Trying to knit twisted stitched is also a bit more challenging. I think what you have got looks great!!

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Thanks. I'll have to give that a mixed swatch a try.

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I agree with the guys. The sock is looking fantastic and that yarn is awesome!!! What is it?

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Thanks, its Fortissima by Schoeller & Stahl. I got it at a nice little shop called Wall of Yarn in Freeport IL

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Can't wait to see the finished product. So far, it looking great

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A twisted stitch rib is not a bad thing; of course it's good to know you're doing it and how not to do it as well. I often use a twisted knit stitch in my ribbing; it gives a tighter, more "corrugated" look, where the ribs stand out more. But either way the work looks very good.

And of course, never forget, one man's "mistake" is another man's "design feature!"

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I think your sock looks wonderful and I really can not see that they are twisted. Look on knitting and search "twisted stitch" and I think you will recognize it right off. Years ago I was knitting myself a 5 x 5 ribbed turtle neck and I twist the first stitch in each knit rib on both sides, I was having a problem in keeping the correct tension, it did tighten it up but did nothing for the appearance of the sweater lol. As to your work situation I have a perfect solution but I can't print it here as I am sure I would be booted out. lol Keep on socking it, they look great.

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Your ribbing looks fine to me, and as others have said non-twisted or twisted stitches are ok. Checking youtube or knitting help is a good idea to see what a twisted stitch looks like.

Maybe, just maybe, there might be one twisted stitch----not to worry---heed all the good advice from everyone and forge ahead!!! If it cannot be see by a man passing by on horseback at 50 feet, it is not a mistake.

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Looks great Gene. I've overlooked far worse than that in my own knitting. And even with my low standards, I see stuff that others don't even notice in the stuff I make. And I really love Rex's comment: "If it cannot be see by a man passing by on horseback at 50 feet, it is not a mistake."

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Hey guys. Thanks for the critique, very much appreciated.
I was going to add a picture of the cuff pulled over a light bulb, but alas it really did not want to sit well enough to take a picture, damn curly-q CLF’s!
And for those of you who have asked or mentioned about my meeting with the VP. It was not a good or wanted meeting. I had to defend myself against false accusations in relation to my being a married homosexual. I have made it clear that I have studied the IL law and know what rights and protections I have. Things are starting to look up, I spent the weekend angry about what had happened and I was horribly pissed off this morning when I got back to the office. The executive team had sided with me. Now I can focus on enjoying my short week.
For those of you in the US, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Everyone everywhere else...have a fantastic week!

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Good news that the executive team sided with you. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.