Falling Further Into The Lace Pit

I just can't seem to stop knitting lace. This is my latest. I call it Leaf and Acorn Stole. This summer, I came across the acorn and leaf pattern. It's an edging pattern from 1891 and it begged me to make it into something fun. So, here is my take on it.


Fine job and I really like the color.

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Beautiful stole Buck. What yarn did you use?

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Most ravishing, Buck. That colorway looks deep purple on this monitor...a color after my own heart. Thanks for sharing.

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Outstanding work!! Looks like art...I would love to try this as it is an area that I havent' tried yet. Thanks for sharing this....Bill

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So elegant!!!! If you publish the pattern I need to know about it.

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Buck does have this published at Ravelry.....http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/leaf-and-acorn-stole

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Found it - thanks Rob and Buck!

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VERY cool - I'm glad to see there are other guys hooked on lace knitting. It is absolutely stunning!


Am new to this, but can't even think about knitting when I see your picture!

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Absolutely gorgeous.

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Thanks guys! It was interesting coming up with it. The first half of the stole was a pain to knit as I was designing/testing the pattern at the same time. By the time I got to the second half, it knit up pretty quickly. I'm already on my next lace adventure. The BF isn't to happy about it as his sweater is still hibernating.

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Just breathtaking!!

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Fantastic work. I have to admit, that lace hole has a slippery slope.

WOW. Absolutely gorgeous.

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wow, its gorgeous!

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When (and I don't mean "If") Buck gets noticed as an incredible lace designer - I am gonna claim credit....hee-hee!

His designs blow me away!

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Stunning. The Lace Pit is a good place to be.

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This is glorious!!!
Am not a huge fan of lace 'cause it often tends to look very "granny" - but this is stylish and amazing.

Any chance of you making us a full pattern for it?


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Buck has it available for purchase on Ravelry.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation