Three Weeks

Have been knitting for three weeks now and on my fourth hat. Didn't know a thing about knitting, so went on You Tube and found some basic videos and got started. Which led me to Knit Picks. Which led me to this web page. Nice to know other men who knit, and are willing to help others. Been quilting for ten years and time to start something new, knitting is it. I had know idea what I was missing. Picking out yarn is as much fun as fabric,maybe more because it is more textile.


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That quilt is amazing! What a beautiful piece of art!

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I concur! I admire those who actually like sewing.

Thank you so much. I'll put some more on in a few days. And that purple yarn, to sweet! Made me go to their web page to see their other colors.

And I admire your knitting. Have seen several of yours since I found this web page. Thank you.

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Welcome, your quilting is amazing, so glad you found this band of merry men...they truly are the most helpful and supportive bunch of guys

Thank you so much. Glad to have found this place. I just turned 63 in August. And great picture of you two.
Thanks again, always good to meet new friends.

Thank you so much. Cant wait to learn to change colors like you did in that hoodie, to sweet.
Some new mother will be so pleased.

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And we add another to our growing number - welcome! Very cool quilt! In college I did some quilting incorporating knitting and crochet applique. One of these days I'll have time to play with that again.

Thank you. Maybe you will do more quilting as I do more knitting. From your picture I just want to get on my Fins and snorkel and jump right in that beautiful blue ocean. Haven't snorkeled since last winter and miss it very much.
But don't think I want to head to Mexico this year.

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Welcome. Knitting is certainly a fabulous art, with great rewards after finishing a project, trying it on, and realizing...Wow, I did that. It still amazes me! U-Tube has been really helpful for me also when in doubt....

Thank you also. As of right now a scarf, mittens, and hat will have to do. However was researching lace today and couldn't believe some of the work I saw. This is going to be such fun, and new friends to add.

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Welcome and great quilt. I know the specifics but never dabbled further. Look forward to seeing more of your knitted works, too.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.