Irish Hooded scarf HELP!

Okay so i am making a hooded scarf for my "old lady" for Christmas, but I have ran into a pattern snag.
I need help reading this pattern so that I know what to do next. The scarf is easy, the hood I am having a problem with. I will type out the instructions and maybe someone can tell me what I am not getting here.

I already cast on my 80 stitches. I completed the following two rows:
1. Sl 1, work Row 8 of Hood Pattern A, P20, pm, P16, pm,P20, work Row 8 of Hood Pattern B, P1.
2. (RS) Sl 1, work Row 1 of Hood Pattern A, K20, sl m, M1R, knit to next m, M1L, sl m, K20, work Row 1 of Hood Pattern b, p1.

Now This is where I am confused. I will give the next three sets of instructions along with Both A and B Hood Patterns. (please bear with me)

"Continue in pattern and work increases as established every 4th row 7 more times, ending with Hood Pattern Row 8. - 96 sts" ( I don't understand what they want. I know that I know have 82 sts on my needle and 7 more times every 4th row will give me 96 sts, but what pattern do I follow and how.)

"Continue in pattern, work Rows 1 to 8 of Hood Pattern twice more, then work Rows 1 to 4 of Hood Pattern again and at the same time work increases every RS row 10 times - 116 sts"

Work even through Row 8 of Hood Pattern, then work even Rows 1 - 8 of Hood Pattern again."

There are two Hood Patterns A and B. Which one are they talking about. I am not seeing something or I am ignorant to the fact of how to follow this pattern.

Hood pattern A:
1. K9, P1, K1 tbl
2. P9, K1, P1 tbl
3. C6B, K3, P1, K1 tbl
4. P9,K1, P1 tbl
5. K9, P1, K1 tbl
6. P9, K1, P1 tbl
7. K3, C6F, P1, K1 tbl
8. P9, K1, P1 tbl

Hood Pattern B:
1. K1 tbl, P1, K9
2. P1 tbl, K1, P9
3. K1 tbl, P1, C6B, K3
4. P1 tbl, K1, P9
5. K1 tbl, P1, K9
6. P1 tbl, K1, P9
7. K1 tbl, P1, K3, C6F
8. P1 tbl, K1, P9

Again I have no issue with stitches just how this pattern is supposed to be worked.


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If I am reading this correctly.

You will knit a cable A, just keep following the pattern (like you did on the body of the scarf), you will knit to the marker and slip it. on every fourth row you will do a M1R other wise you will just knit to the next marker, (It is not in the pattern you typed, but I think there should be an increase here also every 4 th row) then knit to cable B and purl one. (This should be a right side row). The wrong side should be knit the knits and purl the purls as the present, just like the body of the scarf.

You will repeat these rows until you get up to 96 stitches. The you will follow the pattern for 16 rows (rows 1-8 twice). Then you will do 20 rows increasing on the right side by the markers you placed, which will bring you up to 116 stitches.

Then you will knit 16 rows (cable rows 1-8 twice) without increasing, so you will stay at 116 stitches.

Then you most likely cast off or whatever else the pattern instructs.

I hope this helps


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By Joe I think you got it! Thanks I will try that. reat explanation by the way :)

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Glad you said that, my head was spinning...

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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I believe how Jim stated this is exactly what needs to be happening. If this is like most hooded scarf patterns I've seen, you have your length of scarf, then your increases are going to make a bulge, or "Hood" in the middle of the scarf before it continues on to the rest of the body. Kind of like a sling (as in David and Goliath). My question on your patters is do you now decrease on the other half and create the other half of the hood and scarf body, or do you retain these stitches at some point, knit from the opposite end and graft, or just bind off and seam in the peak of the hood?

Whenever you have a cabled graph or written pattern and they tell you to continue to knit in pattern for so many rows, they expect that as you knit across the body of the work and continue with the cabling at the appropriate intervals. This is one of those things that there have been many times I've had to re-read my pattern to make sure I understand what they are asking. I've even been known to take out a pieces of paper and pencil and write it out with stitch tallies to assure myself that I understand what they are saying and that if I do what I think should, I'll have the correct number of stitches.

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I am Making the Hood separate from the scarf and attach it after it is done. The decreases are spelled out for me in the pattern row by row, so that will be easy. I am well on my way to making this project.