Reindeer? How about a Moose. Eat that Santa

No, really, you can eat it.

Well, to be honest, I wanted a Christmas tree cookie cutter, but no luck. So ended up with a star, a snowflake, and a moose. Yeah, you read that right, a moose. Everyone loves a good moose. Oh wait... that's supposed to be everyone loves a good goose. As long as it doesn't come from the dog when your in compromising positions that is.

So, I got Bob's cookies done, and I confirmed it. I still don't like sugar cookies. And just for the record, what crazy SOB that wrote the kitchen-aid cookbook thought that recipe would make 48 cookies? We're they tiny cookies? I got 15. granted, I did make my dough a whole millimeter thicker than called for, but that doesn't strike me as enough to offset those numbers by that much. Crazy.

I had a moment of laughing to myself while in the kitchen while mixing frosting. I had a flashback to Steel Magnolia's where Weezer is serving the bachelor cake. Do you remember the bachelor cake? How could you forge the aardvark cake. And Weezer says to Clairee, "I don't even want to know what you have to do to get gray frosting" or something along those lines. Well, I now know. I was trying to get brown from my little package of 4 basic food colorings.

I got a bit more knitting done too.

Sorry, the lighting was bad. I tried to get a shot to show off that it's a really subtle ribbing. The raglan sleeve decreases are kinda cool. I'm really excited to continue this although I noticed as I got tired, I kept screwing up the stitch repeats. It's from the Queensland Collection Book 9. The patterns title is Ansley. And I know you can't tell from this picture, but the model is rather attractive. It makes refreshing where I'm at in the pattern so much more enjoyable.

Here's the picture for the actual pattern. See, he's just the right amount of scruffy and preppy, but enough about my little knitting crush. And truly, it is a knitting crush, I have stronger feelings for the sweater itself.

 And of course, as I tried to get a good picture, Sullivan was sure I was dying of a need for puppy belly. You know I took a minute to scratch it. Who can resist that? Certainly not I.


God I love your since of humor!

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I've never made a biscuit(= cookie in Australia) recipe yet where I've got as many as I'm supposed to. And ther's nothing wrong with that model ;) Does that ribbing have a name?

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Quinton, I love that sweater pattern! How is it for ability to follow and make it? i might consider it as I have been sweater pattern shopping and really like that one. Bill

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Big hug for Sullivan!

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I do not know if the ribbing has a name but it goes like this
Row 1: p2, *k7, p2* repeat * to end
Row 2: k2, *p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k2* repeat* to end
Repeat rowa 1 and 2 to needed length. So you end up with strips of knit stitches seperated by seed stitch in clumps of seven stitch repeats separated by 2 purls. Clear as the Mississippi?
So far the patterns been fine with one small errata available online buts its just a needle size typo. I'll keep you posted as it goes.
Sullivan always gets loving, and my sense of humor is deeply twisted...

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Gee, I like that pattern. I have copied it into my knitting book. I used to make cookies all the time and I loved decorating them.

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That sweater is progressing very nicely. That color works well with the pattern and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project. Cookies are nice, too. I agree about them being based on mere nibbles when they give you amounts per batch; probably based on the tidbits for afternoon tea, rather than real desserts. Give Sully an extra belly rub for me. See you.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I knitted this same sweater. It actually knitted up fairly well. Not sure if you caught my recent post. I knitted this sweater for my partner - well it ended up a bit tight around the arm holes. I pretty much hit the nail on the head with gauge - I used Queensland Kathmadu Aran very similar to you color choice (Great Minds Think A Like!). The lines/pattern is great once the sweater is put on. I hope to fix the sweater soon with some gussets. I'll let you know how that goes.

As far as the moose... my Martha Stewart cookie book has a Christmas Chocolate Moose Cut Out recipe - they look great, however, I have never made them. Chocolate based cookie with chocolate frosting - sound like it would be excellent with coffee!


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Uh, chocolate on chocolate, fantastic. As for the coffee... I'll let you keep that. I did see your post, but Bill had answered the question before I had ever gotten to it. I hope the underarm gussetts go well and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

I've been remeasuring since I saw your post, and am hopeful I don't run into similar issues.
good luck!