Just finished this afghan for my Daughter's Christmas present

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Bill's picture

That's beautiful!
...I'd love an afghan like that!

What a work of love. It's beautiful.

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Beautiful work. She'll treasure it, I'm sure.

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This is so nice! She will love it, it looks so soft and comfy, well done

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There's a whole lot of knitting in that afghan. Beautiful.

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Bill, That afghan is a showstopper. I love the color you chose. I can see how you won the ribbons!! Great job, Peace, Bill

Bill Carl's picture

Just Beautiful. I know she will enjoy that for years to come.

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Great Work! - It's beautiful.

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What a great looking afghan! A family heirloom for certain.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Wow, what a labour of love and a great heirloom.

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Great job!

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What a major piece of work! And so sumptuously done! Congratulations!

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This is so beautiful! Your daughter going to love it. You can tell you put in a lot of work and detail in making this.

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How did you make it? Was it one enormous piece, or seemed strips?

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The original pattern called for it to be made in 5 panels. I used a 40" loop needle and did i as one pc.

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Thanks. I've come t love and hate it at the same time. I was so glad to get off the needles.

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Just AWESOME!!!! Definitely a family heirloom. Now that is an afghan made with LOVE.