BIG A$$ Man Scarf

Well I wanted to knit myself a scarf because every time I knit myself a scarf it ends up being gifted to someone, which I totally don't mind. For instance, last year during the Christmas round robin a friend was just in love with my scarf, so by the end of the evening it was his. So I had 15+ skeins of Cascade Tweed sitting in one of my bins. So yesterday during a lazy Sunday morning and waiting for the late Packer game, I decided to knit a "Big Arse Man Scarf" (photo attached). Pretty simple and knitted up rather quickly when using US35's. Seven strands of Cascade Tweed in a basic seed stitch. I thought it would go well with my black leather jacket. So of course my partner is in love with it. So it will now be a 2011 Xmas Gift.

I've also attached a photo of a recent purse for mother - She just loves the attention they bring. It's hilarious, she use to purchase Coach and no one would every say anything, even going as far as purchasing an $80.00 Louis V. fake, only to fall apart while shopping. Well once I started to knit and felt some purses/bags - other ladies compliment her all the time. Mother feels so special :). I really should have wrote this pattern down as it turned out pretty well.

Take care fellow knitters and Happy Holidays.



Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Very nice knitting and felting. No wonder you always give away your scarves...that's a nice one.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Kerry's picture

Love that purse.