Anyone else think...

Anyone else think that knitting women's apparel is more fun? lol. These past couple of days I've been looking through some of Vogue knitting's past issues and have been trying to think of all of my girl friends that I could gift garments to, haha.


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Edwin...I think the trick is to figure out why it appeals to you...then find a way to use those details in a mans garment.
...of course...if you like it because it's pale pink, then it's a bit harder...(grin)

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Considering I played with dolls as a child, and made outfits that slimmed my GI Joe's, there's not much of a mystery, Bill. Lol

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Well, Edwin...I'm still making clothes for dolls!
...never cared for GI fact, I don't think he was around when I was young.
...but I do a lot of sewing for 16" fashion dolls and some bigger BJD's
(ball jointed dolls) They're cast resin, expensive, but pose well.

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According to Wiki - GI Joe premiered in 1964....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I was out of college by then...LOL

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Unrelated - just wanted to say that I too use knitting to relieve stress!
Am glad it's working for you! It's become a hobby for me, too - but osmosis!
All the best!

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I started with scarves, then went on to socks, which I still do, but I've done several for women. Then did a lace project, more socks, started a man's sweater. The sweater has been boring to tell the truth; lots and lots and lots of plain stockinette. I chose the sweater because it's my first one and I figured that if I got messed up in the construction, it may as well be with stockinette instead of some complex pattern that I've spend hours on. But I found I needed more interest so I started another shawl for a woman who has been hoping for one (she coveted the last one) ever since August. It's more fun than endless stockinette! Hope to finish it by Christmas.

Men's clothing generally is more conservative both in terms of color and pattern (not too much men's lace out there, though it does exist), so from that standpoint women's stuff offers more possibilities for fun.

As for GI-joes...*blush*...we had 3 when I was a kid. They had "parties." Ahem.

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So did my sister's G.I. Joes...if I could borrow them. Ah, the secret life of the military...even if only make believe military dolls.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I am making slouch hats and scarves for my two gran daughters right now. Women can wear fussier things than we can, so its more interesting to make. I get a lot of comments about my yellow knit hat and how bright it is, bur I made one just like it for a female friend and she gets good comments about hers. So yes its more interesting to make things for women.Also I like the hugs I get.