Lace Wrap

Attached is a photo of Lace Wrap blocking. Pattern is from Vogue Knitting Winter 09/10. I used three colorways of Indigo Moon Handpainted Sock Yarn. The repeats are all the same size (photo skews perspective a bit). It's 22" x 78". The pattern has a smaller rectangle (not pictured--still knitting it) that is sewn perpendicular to one end, making an "L". The longer piece hangs down the front for a dramatic effect!

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WOW, this is nice!

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That is just Fantastic.
Just A beautiful piece of art.

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Oh My!!!! this is absolutely beautiful you have done a wonderful job, the colours are just so autumish (is that a word, oh well it is now lol)

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Wow!! That is truly beautiful..... it makes me want to try some form of lace knitting...Bill

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it looks like stained glass - great effect!

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This is magnificent! I agree that it does look like stained glass. I only hope that my knitting is a good as yours. Keep up the good work. :-)

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Very nice...the colors and pattern remind me of stained glass also. Or a really detailed mosaic.

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Very colourful, looks lovely.

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Bravo, beautiful job!

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Cool! The color flow over the pattern is great, and nice choice of colorways.

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Absolutely beautiful. Ditto on the stained glass effect. I still don't have, and may never have, the nerve to do lace.