Berroco Seduce or Seduce Colors - Anyone use this fiber before?

Looking at making a cool, light, ladies pullover Hoodie for summer wear. (Clearing throat) - No not for me... for a friend of mine... LOL. I plan on knitting this on my own - freelance - no pattern (God I must be nuts). I have a photo of the Hoodie I plan to knit - front and back. The pattern was offered from a knitting/fiber shop located in Wisconsin. Well you couldn't purchase just the pattern, however, you could get it free if you purchased the yarn. Well they didn't have any in stock and it would take 4-6 weeks to order and ship. I think the yarn was on the way out. It was a ribbon yarn with a cotton / linen fiber content. Long story short - I eventually lost the photo and its been four plus years and I can't remember the store name. So yesterday I found the photo, however, I can't seem to locate a Ribbon yarn on the world wide web with that fiber content.

It's a very casual pullover - the yarn shown is cream in color with very minimal self stripping - something a lady would wear just after waking up and sipping her latte while watching her man sleep - lol.

Has anyone used the Berroco Seduce or Seduce Colors? Not the same fiber content but similar in gauge and appears to be summer fiber.

Let me know your thoughts.


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Did you check ravelry?
...type in the name of the yarn...and all the projects knitted with it will pop up...

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Have not used Seduce, but of the several Berocco fibers I have utilized, tehy have all been good quality yarns. Even the ones that felt rough to me knitted up and blocked wonderfully. Good luck and Enjoy Freelancing it!

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Well, I did finally find the yarn - Free Spirit by Trendsetters - unfortunately it has been discontinued. I did find 6 skeins on otherwise I think the Seduce will work. Never knitted a sweater from scratch, so I think I need to plan this out a bit. I think if I purchase the skeins off it should be more than enough to cover a ladies medium size hooded pullover. 50g/175 yards per skein. The one thing going for me its a summer wear item. I'll keep you guys posted.

Thanks again Bill with that advice I was able to find the yarn manufacture.