Felted Slipper Boots

Hey Fellas, hoping you can help me with a little advice. I'm looking to make some felted slipper boots for a rugged, Johnny Cash-listening, heavy-silver-jewelry-wearing, vintage-car-collecting, denim-n-boots-n-leather-wearing kind of guy to use for around the garage. He has a silly pair right now that he got at some surf shop and they're falling apart.

The only pattern I could find I listed in my profile, and it's no help b/c it's for crochet. This will be my first felted project AND first pair of anything slipper related, so simpler is better, but I'm a fast learner and will make this happen by Christmas!

Has anyone done anything like this before? Thanks guys!

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Laura, you posted a link to a Fibertrends pattern on your profile page...Fibertrends also makes a knitted version...which some of our guys have knitted...it's supposed to be a good pattern...

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Thanks Bill! I get started on that pattern, since it seems to have worked for others. Any pics of finished projects out there? Thanks again guys!

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Our own Millard did some felted clogs last year that look pretty cool. (I confess, I've got the yarn in my bag, but haven't started them yet.)

For your guy though, I wonder if a cowboy boot pattern would be better. :-) Here are some on Ravelry, though you'd definitely have to size them up for an adult.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Here's a few patterns that I found on ravelry that might work.