Feeling like a Beginner

Hi all. Time flies. Two weeks until Christmas. I have been learning and practicing Barbara Walker's 2-color slip stitch "Mosaic" technique. My local yarn store had a fun small two sided bag project using Ms. Walker's technique. The sides were attached using the I-cord bind off. It could be a small bag (or a fancy pot holder). It was the prefect size to practice on.

I also made a green hat using a basic pattern by Lion Brand. The hat actually fit me because I took the time to make a gauge swatch and did a little measuring. Now I am ready for the cold, brittle winter air.

I just learned about the talented and gifted knit designer Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed). Reading his blog and looking at his various patterns is very informative and inspiring. I want to knit some of his designs someday.

Happy knitting to all. Onward we all go....Cullen

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Your work is to cool. Can hardly wait to be that good at this.

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Very cool Mosaic effect. It would be fun to use that same technique and make a maze out of it. It's almost a maze now. I really like the colors you chose as well; very vibrant and alive!


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I like your colour work - it can be addictive so be careful. Glad you have a hat for the winter. Did you make it in the round. It is very attractive. I love functional knitting.

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Love the colors! Looks great!!

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Very nice knitting, Cullen. Your hat turned out just great. I've toyed with mosaic but haven't done any major projects in it. May have to remedy that sometime.

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