Dallas Knitters?

Anyone keen to any Dallas knitting groups? Knitting has always been a solitary activity, and when I knit around my bf, he complains that I'm not "in the moment" which I totally am, lol. Anyway, lemme know if anyone knows of any groups. Thanks!



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Ummm. Can I move to Dallas?

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LOL. So true. I find that if I am at meetings, I will fall asleep unless I have something to work on with my hands. But for some reason most, but not all, supervisors feel you are not paying attention if you are knitting at a meeting. But I am wide awake and listening to everything that is going on! I can knit without looking at my needles, so I can at least pretend that I am paying attention! But they just do not understand. *sigh*

Have also looked for a group in Dallas, have never found one, but did find it interesting this was one featured on a TV episode of She's Crafty.